University requires online notification of positive COVID test

Katie Langley, News Editor

Quinnipiac University students who test positive for COVID will now be required to submit an online form through Hartford HealthCare to inform Student Health Services of their infection, the university announced in an email on Oct. 20. 

Students who test positive are still required to isolate off-campus or in limited on-campus isolation housing, but will now receive email communication from SHS, rather than a phone call, on day five of their infection. The email will outline next steps based on the results of the student’s day five COVID test, according to the email. 

Once students submit a positive test form, they will be asked to sign up for MyChartPlus and receive a letter excusing them from in-person classes within one business day. 

Students in isolation are required to take a rapid antigen test on day five. If they test negative, students can return to classes and residential housing on day six. 

If students continue to test positive, they must remain in isolation until day seven and can return to residential housing on the evening of day seven and can attend classes on day eight. In all cases, those who test positive must continue to wear a mask for 10 full days. 

The university encourages any students not feeling well to make an appointment at the Health Center at 203-407-4066 and take a COVID test. 

Tests are available by appointment at SHS and at the COVID test vending machine located in the entrance of the former SHS building on Bobcat Way. 

For more information, see Quinnipiac’s updated COVID-19 protocols for fall 2022.