Post-nut clarity’s dreadful aftermath

Neha Seenarine, Arts & Life Editor

Graphic by (Amanda Riha)

There are several moments when our bodies have a sense of relief. It can be from getting out a nasty cough or taking off your socks after a long day. But behind closed doors during intimate moments, we can experience a climatic shift leading to post-nut clarity and its consequences.

The term “post-nut clarity” was introduced to the world on the podcast, “Call Her Daddy” in 2018. Host Alexandra Cooper and former host Sofia Franklyn explained that “post-nut clarity” is when, after a man reaches sexual climax, he urgently contemplates his life for worse or for better.

However, the idea of post-nut clarity happening only to men is bogus. It’s ridiculous to think women don’t get horny too.

It happens to everyone. Post-nut clarity is like when you’re driving through fog and then you can see once you arrive at your destination. All of a sudden, there is a sensational shift in your mind and the internal lightbulb powers on.

In hindsight, post-nut clarity sounds great. It allows the person to think straight after their wave of sexual desire is gone. However, post-nut clarity can lead to uncertain emotions after the deed is done.

The medical term for post-nut clarity is post-coital dysphoria or post-coital tristesse according to a 2019 study by psychologists Joel Maczkowiack and Robert D. Schweitzer. It can be described as a “condition that can cause feelings of sadness, agitation and crying after intercourse.” The study shares that 41% of men experienced PCD in their lifetime.

There are unwanted feelings that come with everything in life no matter how minor it is. For example, I can feel bad about purchasing the last pack of gum because what if someone needs a fresh, minty breath more than I do? Understandably, there can be a stir of emotions after intimacy.

Sex is tied to an increase in dopamine and prolactin hormones, Kimberly Resnick Anderson, professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine told Cosmopolitan.

“Dopamine is considered the ‘foot-on-the-gas’ of the sexual car and prolactin is considered the ‘foot-on-the-brake,” Resnick Anderson said. “After the euphoria of orgasm, prolactin may trigger dysphoric feelings.”

Post-nut clarity can come with regret.

Have you ever purchased an item online and thought it was a waste of money afterward? That’s the same feeling that can happen after a climax.

When people are aroused, they don’t have a sense of stability, according to a 2016 study by psychologists Shayna Skakoon-Sparling and Kenneth M. Cramer. The study found that “both men and women experiencing strong sexual arousal may have lower inhibitions and may experience impaired decision-making.” The main goal is to satisfy the feeling of arousal.

However, sometimes, we forget that people are involved in our desires. When you’re absorbed with personal needs at the moment, you’re willing to see anyone that can help you get the job done. Afterward, the magic is lost and the person doesn’t mean much to you. You might notice your partner becoming distant. There is no way to control people and how they decide to treat you.

Post-nut clarity is not definitely to blame for why people become distant. However, it’s a part of our hook-up culture when there’s a lack of communication. It’s almost like that one time you decided it was a good idea to eat Taco Bell before a big interview, post-nut clarity also comes with the consequence of remorse.