Inside the minds of dominant goalies Corinne Schroeder and Logan Angers


Alex Bayer

Senior goaltender Logan Angers has the highest save percentage (.885) in the NCAA.

Milton Woolfenden, Staff Writer

The 2021-22 season has been undeniably unique for Quinnipiac women’s ice hockey.

While the team has struggled to find consistency since the new year, it currently sits at 22-7-3. The Bobcats also are fourth in ECAC Hockey with an in-conference record of 14-6-0 while also currently being ranked No. 9 in the country.

Graduate student Corinne Schroeder is making good use of her only season with the Bobcats after transferring from Boston University this past offseason.

“It’s a little scary just switching teams, but everyone was very welcoming and I think we have a great group of girls and we all work together and get along very well,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder, along with senior goaltender Logan Angers, have been the epitome of “double trouble” this season in between the pipes. Until the team’s game on Feb. 6, Angers was the only goalie in the country to still be undefeated.

But all good things must come to an end as Angers took her first loss of the season after allowing five goals in the team’s 5-1 loss at St. Lawrence.

Schroeder and Angers sat down for interviews along with Assistant Coach Amanda Alessi, who works primarily with the goalies, to discuss their performances this season.

What has been your most memorable game so far this season?

Schroeder: I’d say my favorite game this season, the one that was really the most fun for me, was the second game against Wisconsin. It was a great atmosphere to play in with all those fans …They were ranked first in the nation so it was a lot of fun to see how a team like that operates.

Is there still a part of you that gets nervous going into a game?

Schroeder: There’s definitely a piece of me that still gets nervous, especially for big games. There’s a quote that goes something like “When you stop getting nervous it’s time to retire” and that resonates with me because if you aren’t even a little bit nervous, you probably won’t have that same drive and determination you need to win.

Are you happy with your performance so far this season or do you think you think you could push the envelope even further?

Schroeder: I’ve had a fairly good season so far. … But I think recently there’s definitely more that I could be doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s is big stuff or little stuff, your goal should always be to continue to get better.

Thinking big picture, what is your favorite aspect of the team?

Schroeder: There’s just so much. I think, honestly the culture here … We’ve managed to do really well with all staying on the same page. There’s definitely a cohesiveness among this group.

Were you mad at yourself when you suffered your  first loss of the season vs. St. Lawrence?

Angers: You’re always going to lose games throughout the season. The important thing is not to get down on yourself. Once you start doubting yourself it’s really hard to get that confidence back. Lucky for me, my teammates and coaches are really supportive.

How much of your success would you attribute to the team culture and feedback from coaches and teammates?

Angers: I think that every time we step on the ice is truly a whole team effort. Everyone makes everyone better every day, and that’s what has made us so successful this year.

People in all sorts of situations have superstitions. Are you part of the group of athletes that have pre-game traditions/superstitions?

Angers: I try not to have too many superstitions as then I get stressed out if everything doesn’t go the way I planned. I like to think of it more as routine than superstition, I’ll always tape my stick, wear my hair in a bun, and the last song I listen to in my headphones is “Where I Wanna Be” by Big Gigantic.

What do you see for the future of this team in general?

Angers: I think the connection and depth our team has this year is something really great that will help us have a really good playoff push. I think all of us can see an NCAA championship in our future as we really do believe in our team’s ability and that we are good enough for that.

Where do Angers and Schroeder rank among former Quinnipiac goalies?

Alessi: Quinnipiac has had such awesome goaltending since before I was here. Corinne and Logan have great numbers right now. With goalies, we’re typically looking for a save percentage that’s .93 or above. That usually means you’re putting your team in a position to win games.

From freshman year to senior year how much has Angers matured as a goaltender?

Alessi: From her first start freshman year to now, Logan has grown by leaps and bounds. She takes feedback so well and is always working on some aspect of her game, whether it’s juggling or tracking pucks. She was already a great goaltender coming in, but I feel like we were able to unlock another level of ability.

How difficult of a conference is ECAC Hockey compared to other conferences?

Alessi: We believe the ECAC is the toughest conference in college hockey. Every ECAC game feels like a playoff game, which is awesome preparation for the ECAC playoffs and NCAA tournament.