Poetry Corner — Poem by Allison Damigella

Allison Damigella, Staff Writer

Poem by Allison Damigella

I feel like I feel.

Sounds weird to say, but it’s true,

Every change, shift, or sway

Makes me feel like how you do.

My own thoughts and emotions swirl my mind

Rushing in without hesitation,

How can the joy, the hurt, and the sorrow put me

in this hallucination?

When I’m here the heart goes numb.

I don’t deal with what’s inside,

I just run.

Unless the void doesn’t come

Then I’m left to thinking about every little thing

I want to cry, I want to yell, I want to stop

this ringing.

The noises are too loud

Voices screaming sounding like hot air

Please no don’t leave me, it’s just that I care.

So it really isn’t so weird to say,

And it still reigns true.

I feel like I feel,

Sometimes more than I do.

~ Allison Damigella