Coffee, coffee, coffee: Reviewing local Connecticut coffee shops in search of the best cup of Joe

Emily Flamme and Jessica Simms

With dozens of coffee shops around Quinnipiac University, it’s no wonder we made a weekly tradition out of trying them all. We’re restless people and are always on the lookout for something new to do and what better way to satisfy our thirst for adventure than with a cup of coffee.

Cheshire Coffee — 210 Old Towne Rd, Cheshire

Cheshire Coffee (Emily Flamme)

Jess: French Toast Iced Latte with whole milk and whipped cream

Emily: Cinnamon Bun Iced Latte with whole milk and whipped cream

This is where the story begins. We went to Cheshire Coffee the first week of the semester because we have been there already and knew we liked it. This shop’s specialty is its seasonal lattes, with whipped cream, of course. Because it was the beginning of the fall, we took advantage of the seasonal lattes, and we both loved them. The flavors are rich and sweet which is what we want out of a seasonal drink.

Lions Den Coffee Shop — 57 W Main St, Plantsville

Lions Den Coffee Shop (Emily Flamme)

Jess: Iced Nutella Coffee

Emily: Gingerbread Hot Latte

This place is super cute and creates a cozy atmosphere for people to eat and drink in. Above a beautiful fireplace was a painting of a lion, which was fitting because of the name of the shop, and a variety of comfy chairs and booths to choose from. The coffee was not overly sweet, which we both prefer, and they had some unique flavors to choose from, such as eggnog, gingerbread, Nutella and cinnamon. We would recommend this place to anyone who wants a solid cup of coffee, but wants to shake it up a little.

Perkatory Roasters — 168 Center St Suite 108, Southington

Jess: Iced Pumpkin King (One of its fall-themed drinks)

Emily: Lochness (Frozen cold brew and salted caramel)

This was the most unique shop we went to. The place is decorated like it’s Halloween year-round, with spiderwebs and purple lighting. We went just before the holiday, which was fitting for the atmosphere. The drinks were tasty and had a smooth texture. The flavors of the coffee and the syrup were strong, which we thought was good since one part of the coffee didn’t overpower another.

Southington Coffee House — 51 N Main St, Southington

Jess and Emily: Pumpkin Spice Iced Lattes with whole milk

To be honest, despite our budding tradition to try a place’s coffee, we chose Southington Coffee House because it had crepes. We both enjoyed our drinks, but thought the pumpkin spice flavor was a little bitter. The coffee itself tasted good; it was smooth and didn’t have an overwhelming flavor to it. Also, in case anyone was curious, the crepes were delicious.

The Bean Coffee Roasters — 118 S Main St, Cheshire

The Bean Coffee Roasters (Emily Flamme)

Jess: Pumpkin Iced Coffee with whole milk

Emily: Caramel Iced Coffee with whole milk

We heard there was another coffee shop in Cheshire, so we had to try it out. This place was a hole-in-the-wall, but it deserves much more recognition. The coffee was delicious and flavorful. The ambiance of the shop was super relaxing and decorated for the fall season.

Moonrise Cafe — 2 Broadway, North Haven

Moonrise Cafe (Emily Flamme)

Jess: Iced Cinnamon Bun Latte with milk and sugar

Emily: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Hot Latte

The coffee was decent, but after discussing it, we both felt like there was a powdery texture on our tongues afterward. It was strange because the initial sip tasted like a normal cup of coffee. We want to try it out again in the future to see if it was that particular batch of coffee. Also, bonus points — the workers wrote a cute message on the iced drinks.

Crossroads Coffee House — 1878 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven

Jess: Iced Chai Latte

Emily: Cappuccino

To make a long story short, do not order a chai latte from here. Jess and two of our friends who came with us ordered chai lattes, and none of them enjoyed it. The flavor did not taste like chai, and the overall drink was a little watery. Plus, the lids were hard to use and the drink would leak out of the cup. As for the coffee, the cappuccino was good, so Crossroads’ strong suit is definitely espresso.

Funcle’s Cafe — 3584 Whitney Ave, Hamden

Funcle’s Cafe (Emily Flamme)

This is four minutes from Mount Carmel campus, and we still wish it was closer. The frozen mochas were to die for. It was the perfect blend of espresso and chocolate flavors. The size of the cup Funcle’s gives is the perfect amount — 16 ounces. For food, we both got omelettes that came with pico de gallo and a Funcle’s special sauce. You’re missing out if you haven’t stopped by yet.

Bread and Chocolate — 2457 Whitney Ave, Hamden

Bread and Chocolate (Emily Flamme)

Jess: Cappuccino

Emily: Hot Mocha

The drinks we got were good, but they were piping hot for at least an hour. The following is not an exaggeration: we got our drinks and sat down to eat our pastries and talk. When we left, there was still steam coming off the drink, and we had the lids off the whole time in hopes it would cool down. Once we could finally try our drinks, they tasted rich and smooth, so at least the wait was worth it.