Bobcat Buzz: Professors deserve more praise

Melina Khan, Associate News Editor

With the return to in-person instruction this semester, students and professors alike have dealt with an adjustment period.

Illustration by Xavier Cullen

Despite the challenges of teaching during a pandemic, professors have been encouraging and adaptable, and they deserve recognition for it. While it may go unsaid, I know many students would agree with me when I say the professors we have here at Quinnipiac University are the best.

They are always compassionate with whatever we as students are facing, which lightens the burden on us. Just last week I was sitting in my virtual women and gender studies class with professor Kimberly O’Neill when I was reminded of this compassion.

O’Neill informed us that she would be making an assignment available for us when we cannot attend class synchronously but still want to participate. She said she noticed some students had been joining class remotely from inside their cars while driving, and she wanted to make sure we could prioritize our safety over attending class if we needed to.

This is a subtle example that I see all the time from my professors that goes unnoticed. We are lucky to have so many dedicated professors here at Quinnipiac, and their compassion makes the learning experience so much better.

For any student reading this, I hope you take the time to tell a professor how appreciated they are. They put in so much time and effort behind the scenes to make our student experiences better, and it is more difficult than it may seem.

For the professors reading this, I hope you know your work is appreciated. Not only does it help us succeed in the classroom, it helps us succeed in life. Moreover, the state of the world has only made your job more difficult, and yet you continue to rise to the occasion. All the little things you do, from giving us feedback on assignments to asking us how our day is going, make our experience as students better.

While it may not be an easy job, you guys are killing it. Thank you for all that you do.