The way of the Wolff

Jordan Wolff, Former Associate Sports Editor

This is a bit of a different piece to write. Usually, I’d be sharing somebody else’s story. This time is different, as now I will share my story about how much my time at The Quinnipiac Chronicle has meant to me.

A lot of these senior send-offs talk about how The Chronicle helped them come out of their shell. Well, I can’t say that, because I’m someone who has never been afraid of voicing his opinions and thoughts.

Jordan Wolff has covered multiple sports and said that baseball is his favorite to write about. Morgan Tencza/Chronicle

When I toured Quinnipiac University in late 2016, I knew in my gut that this was the place to fulfill my wish of experiencing what the journalism industry is truly like. Now, I wouldn’t say to everyone to join something right away — it’s OK to be patient when settling into a completely new environment.

I went to the Student Media Summit my first week on campus and sat in a mock meeting with then-Editor-in-Chief David Friedlander. He was so funny, personable and lively, and it was a no-brainer to join this organization.

Five editors-in-chief and many, many articles later, this is the part I dread — saying goodbye. I’m saying farewell to a place that holds a special place in my heart. I’ve made so many new friends, experienced so many events such as the 2021 MAAC tournament and 2020 Connecticut Ice tournament and even a “never-in-a-million-years” pandemic.

So, just like the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon does, here comes my thank-you’s.

My first thank-you goes to former editor Logan Reardon who has now graduated. Logan decided to take me under his wing when I got to shadow him for my first-ever game recap — a field hockey game prior to the creation of the soccer field hockey complex. We had to sit on a rock right behind a chain-link fence.

Logan, thank you for being so open to me, kind to me and really helping me enhance my journalistic talents.

My next thank-you goes to Justin Cait. Cait was my first-ever sports editor of The Chronicle and had the patience of a saint. My writing back then pales in comparison to what you read now, and all of the credit goes to him for that.

Justin, thank you for being so willing to work with me and always laughing at my obscure references and jokes. It made me feel like a part of a cohesive unit.

My next set of thank-you’s go to Peter Dewey, Conor Roche and Brendan O’Sullivan. Peter was the opinion editor during my early years. So Pete, thank you for always being honest with me, leading by example and having great fashion sense.

Conor, you always knew how to go back-and-forth with my smart-aleck self, so thank you for influencing me as one of my first associate sports editors. You gave me honest advice about classes here and always had time to talk to me.

Lastly, Brendan was the editor-in-chief during The Chronicle’s toughest days. I give you so much credit for staying positive during this pandemic and steering this ship. Also, thank you for being one of my closest pals and just being such a chill and nice guy. The fact we bonded by telling me that you read my letter to the 3+1 freshmen still gives me goosebumps.

The Chronicle allowed me to be myself from day one. I had a lot of leeway on things I said, and people seemed to gravitate toward me, which meant a lot.

Also, a special thank you to the readers, because without you, I’m just a guy who writes things (still am). But, you give me the motivation to put out the best content I possibly can, so good on you for that.

That’s my swan song. It’s been a great four years, with countless memories made, countless friends made and countless stories shared. I will love The Chronicle for the influence it had on my life, and I have no doubt this new and young editorial board will influence others the same way.

Infographic by Xavier Cullen