Bobcat Buzz: QU Dining shows that representation includes food, too

Melina Khan, Copy Editor

As a minority student in college, not having access to the traditional ethnic food I have at home has been an adjustment. Thankfully, QU Dining recently embraced the diversity of palates in our community.

All last week, the Bowl Life station in Cafe Q was transformed into an Indian-style pop-up, complete with curry chicken, chicken tikka, samosas, roti and more. In addition to being absolutely delicious, I can also confirm that the level of spice was perfect. As a student of South Asian descent, this pop-up not only made me more excited to spend my meal points, but it also made me happy because it was a little slice of home.

Illustration by Connor Lawless

Aside from being a new food option for students, this pop-up deserves to be celebrated because food representation is incredibly important, especially at a predominantly white institution like Quinnipiac University. Having food options that reflect the cultures of minority students shows them that their identity and background are welcomed here. It also encourages their white peers to try something new and unfamiliar, which is a step toward educating them on the cultures that are around them.

When considering inclusivity and representation, food is often something that is overlooked. Hopefully there are more week-long pop-ups that reflect the diversity of students in our community. Not only is it sure to be delicious, it’s also an important and subtle way to promote cultural awareness and inclusivity.