Dining halls turn into gift shops: here’s what I found

Neha Seenarine, Staff Writer

QU Dining is helping students use their meal points. It has filled the dining halls with goodies, activities and even appliances. Here are some items you can grab with your lunch in Cafe Q.

Starbucks Drinkware – Starting at $9.95

Neha Seenarine

You can start your day with a Starbucks mug for your coffee. It is a perfect way to kick off your morning Zoom class. Cafe Q is also selling reusable Starbucks cups, which can also be a cute gift for a friend.






Candy Assortment – $9.99

I have only seen candy assortments at my doctor’s office. It is not the popular brands you would find at your local gas station. I was tempted to buy this and make a candy bowl next to my desk.

Frisbees – $4.99

Since the weather is getting warmer, you and your friends can maintain six-feet distance by throwing Frisbees. You get cardio and fresh air at the same time.

Alarm Clocks – $12.99

Neha Seenarine

It is easy to fall back asleep when you hit snooze on your phone that is sitting right next to you. An alarm clock across the room can wake you up and get you out of bed. Your roommates may not thank you, but you will be glad you got your productive day started.




Lasko Fans – $49.99

Fans are perfect for your room when it starts to get warm. You can keep it in your dorm and bring it back home for the summer.

Snack Box Delivery through Transact

The Transact mobile ordering app allows students to purchase food and beverages in bulk. The orders are delivered to the on-campus post office or your home with all other packages. You can also send orders to your family back home.

Transact orders will be delivered 3 – 4 days after being placed.

There are a range of items students can buy from chips to coffee to hot meals.

How to order a snack box:

  1. Install the Transact App (available in the App Store or Google Play)
  2.  Click on Snack Box Delivery on the home page
    The following options are available
    Hot chocolate
    Hot tea
    Snack Mix
    Meat snacks
    Trail Mix
    Snack Bars
    Hot meals

3. Select the box or boxes you want to purchase and add them to the cart
4. At checkout, list your campus P.O. Box
Boxes are usually delivered within the week. You will get a notification from the post office as you would with any other package.