David Chappelle seeks redemption in his return to Netflix

Matt Travia, Staff Writer

One of the best comedians around right now announced on Feb. 12, that his show is back on Netflix.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

“Chappelle’s Show,” hosted by long-time comedian Dave Chappelle, was the first of its kind because it had multiple sketch comedy bits that were shown to a live audience. After Chappelle left, “Key and Peele” took its place on Comedy Central, but it has since ended.

The show lasted two seasons before Chappelle left Comedy Central. He left because he felt that the show wasn’t his. Between the working environments and lack of creative control, he didn’t feel comfortable being there anymore.

He left the business for 12 years before coming back in 2017 to air a few stand-up specials for Netflix.

Fast forward to around the time of the 2020 Presidential election. Chappelle agreed to be the host of Saturday Night Live that weekend before the election happened.

Chappelle posted a video on his Instagram called “Unforgiven” in late November 2020. In the video, he explains his story of what happened to his career, why he left and why he’s talking about his show.

He spoke about how an older comedian tried to take one of his jokes when he was just starting out in the comedy industry. When Chappelle wouldn’t give up his joke, the comedian told him, “I can just take it.”

Chappelle also recalled a time when he called out a three-card monte dealer for cheating. He mentioned that the dealer, who was about to “maul” him, eased back and told him, “Don’t ever come between a man and his meal.”

Both of those moments had a significant impact on Chappelle’s life. This would be important as he relates these events to how he had similar encounters while in the entertainment business with the network he worked for.

In his video, Chappelle talks about his past with HBO and how they rejected him when he pitched his show to them originally. When Netflix was airing the show, it took down the show due to Chappelle’s request.

He said that’s why he works with Netflix — because it is willing to listen to its clients.

There were issues with Chappelle not getting paid and he demanded to get the money he deserved for his show.

In order for Chappelle to get back at Comedy Central, he went to the fans that he called his “real boss.” He turned to the fans and asked them to stop watching “Chappelle’s Show” until he got paid.

In February, he released a second video called “Redemption Song,” in which he thanked his fans for not watching “Chappelle’s Show” at his request.

He revealed that he finally got the money he deserved and called out the “monsters” of the entertainment industry that have made his life difficult.

The end of the video shows that he got his identity back from Comedy Central and that “Chappelle’s Show” is back on Netflix.