For Korrine Marsh, art is a passion not a job

Anya Grondalski, Staff Writer

Korrine Marsh, a first-year biology major in the 3+1 program, has been making art for six years.

Photo from Marsh

“I took art classes all throughout high school, and I’m currently taking a color theory class,” Marsh said. “ I was a part of the Art Honor Society during my high school years and was president during my senior year. I have not really explored the art scene at Quinnipiac yet, but it is something I am interested in doing.”

Although she’s been making art for over half a decade, Marsh never really considered her artistic work to be anything more than a hobby she is passionate about.

“I never really wanted to take my art down a career path,” Marsh said. “ I just love doing it as a hobby and a way to de-stress. I don’t ever want my art to become draining. I love having the ability to use whatever media I want and to create any composition.”

Marsh turns to art when she feels stressed or overwhelmed, often getting lost in her creativity.

“I usually just start playing some music, and I can paint for hours,” Marsh said. “Painting is what I prefer, but I don’t often have enough time to sit for hours and paint.”

As for the style of her work, Marsh said it can’t be pinpointed, as her pieces range from colorful reality to unrealistic depictions of animals and everything in between.

Photo from Marsh

“I honestly don’t really have a style,” Marsh said. “ I love making paintings that have vibrant colors. I like to try different mediums and styles because I hate repetition in my artwork. Using different mediums allows for different textures and colors.”

Marsh’s favorite medium is watercolor. She thinks it offers each piece more character. Outside of painting, Marsh sometimes makes sketch art.

“It has so much fluidity in the piece and each stroke gives my art so much personality,” Marsh said.” Watercolor allows for intense layering and can really make a piece pop with dimension. I also love acrylic paint. It is so forgiving of any mistake and changes my art until I get the given desire I want.”

Gradually dipping her toe in the digital art world as well, Marsh said working electronically has been a really fun and enjoyable experience.

“I use Procreate on my iPad, and it is very straightforward to use,” Marsh said. “I can get the texture of dozens of different media all on my iPad. It gives me the ability to experiment with oil paint, gouache and even spray paint without having to buy them. I also have noticed how much faster my digital art takes to complete than my traditional art.”

Photo from Marsh

Despite being artistically talented, Marsh is tough on herself — much tougher than other people who view her art.

“I am probably the biggest critic of my art,” Marsh said. “I can always find something that isn’t perfect that I want to change.”

It takes the young artist anywhere from an hour to a week to complete an art piece, but realistically she thinks a piece of art “can never be finished.”

“The artist can always add more to make it more, more detailed, more emotional, more personable,” Marsh said. “I often take breaks from my art, starting a new piece without finishing my previous, just so I can come back and look at it later with a different perspective.”