Quinnipiac alumnus and adjunct professor joins ABC News

Melina Khan, Copy Editor

Azubuike Ejiochi attributes his success to his confidence in the journalism industry. (Contributed by Ike Ejiochi)

Azubuike, “Ike,” Ejiochi, Quinnipiac University alumnus and adjunct professor of journalism, joined ABC News last week as a multi-platform reporter out of Washington, D.C.

On Feb. 2, Jonathan Greenberger, ABC News vice president and Washington bureau chief, announced the news in a note to staff.

“Ike’s exceptional investigative skills, coupled with his love for journalism, will make him a meaningful addition to our hard-working D.C. team,” Greenberger wrote.

Most recently, Ejiochi worked as a general assignment reporter for Fox 5 in Washington, where he covered the insurrection at the Capitol, Black Lives Matter protests and other important stories from the past year. Previously, he worked for The Associated Press, CNBC, KODE-TV in Joplin, Missouri and Fox 61 in Hartford, Connecticut.

In his new role, Ejiochi will be reporting and creating packages for ABC News platforms like their online streaming and radio platforms.

Ejiochi earned his master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac in 2014. He returned as an adjunct professor in 2018. 

The decision to attend Quinnipiac was made easy after a striking sunset gleamed over the quad on his visit, Ejiochi said. 

“It just felt like home instantly,” Ejiochi said.

After earning his degree and entering the professional world, Ejiochi was approached to teach at Quinnipiac. Even though he never imagined he would return to the university to teach, he realized that his knowledge could be valuable to students.

“One of the staff members really reassured me and said ‘Hey, look, you have valuable experience, you’re great at what you do. Our students can benefit off of that,’” Ejiochi said. “And it kind of opened my eyes to teaching and (that) there’s more to life than just waking up, going to work and coming back home.”

Ejiochi said he enjoys teaching at Quinnipiac because of the intimacy of the program.

“The professors know every single student,” Ejiochi said. “It’s not like that at any other university, big-time journalism school, it’s just not.”

Nicole Kessler, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2018, took a digital news production class under Ejiochi during her last semester at Quinnipiac, which she called a “masterclass.”

“Ike gave me the tools and proper mentorship to believe in myself again,” Kessler said. 

Kessler said that Ejiochi’s class was unlike any other journalism class she took at Quinnipiac because he cares about his students. 

“Post-grad, when I needed career advice, the first person I thought about contacting was Ike,” Kessler said. “I emailed him and three minutes later, right before his live shot, he responded. Twenty minutes later, we were speaking on the phone. He truly cares about his students and that’s one prime example.” 

In terms of his new role at ABC News, Kessler said Ejiochi is paving the way for Quinnipiac students.

“Ike is an incredible reporter,” Kessler said. “He is charismatic and his effervescent personality shines through on and off camera. ABC News is lucky to have him.”

Ejiochi said he attributes his success so early into his career to hard work and discipline and that anyone can be successful if they possess these traits. 

For students who want to one day be in a major role like his, Ejiochi said to never say no.

“Having a mentality of I can do anything, always say yes, never say no will get you so far, because it will force you to do things you’re uncomfortable doing,” Ejiochi said. “When you see yourself succeeding doing something you never thought you could see yourself doing, it gives you a kind of self confidence to know that you can accomplish any goal you put your mind to.”

As for the future, Ejiochi is excited to continue telling stories that shed light on important issues.

“No matter where I am, I can be in Wyoming, or I can be on Mars, as long as I still keep telling captivating stories, that’s how I know my goal will be met.”