The end of the year bonus is another Jonas

Frankie Jonas is carving out his own fame on Tik Tok

Neha Seenarine, Staff Writer

Move over JoBros, Frankie Jonas is taking over the world without a hit single.

Frankie Jonas, a TikTok phenomenon with 1.5 million followers, is attempting to claim his throne as the superior Jonas Brother. He shares fun videos featuring his Fiji bottle tattoo he got in a college dorm and mimics his brother Kevin Jonas’s reality show, “Married to Jonas. Joe Jonas updated his TikTok bio to, “Just a Frankie Jonas stan.”

Screenshot from Tik Tok

During the 2000s, supporters would cherish the Jonas Brothers in all their work: albums, movies and talk show guest appearances. Posters from teen magazines were plastered over bedroom walls. The Jonas Brothers had the spotlight for over a decade, but now the “Bonus Jonas” is in consideration for the favorite brother. 

Frankie Jonas has something his brothers did not have when they were his age —creative control. He can go on the internet and produce content without being restricted by Disney, whoset its superstars up to maintain a reputation that positively reflects the company. The Jonas Brothers included their little brother through cameos in tour films and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” However, that was the only glimpse the world got of Frankie Jonas. 

Frankie Jonas’ audience on TikTok is the same generation as him. It is refreshing to see videos produced by a 20-year-old for other 20 year olds. He does not have to put up a facade to be someone he is not.. It seems there is not a budget attached to his content. He is in his home making hilarious commentary and keeping up-to-date with TikTok trends. There is a sense of comfort knowing someone with a celebrity status is just like any other college student.