Scanning in means keeping campus safe

Students react to new entrance procedures and policies

Emily Flamme, News Editor

Quinnipiac University students are required to scan their QCards before entering all three campuses in order to help prevent COVID-19 transmission.

When students tap their QCards, their COVID-19 results show up in the system. If a student has two confirmed negative tests, they are allowed on campus.

“The university’s COVID-19 Task Force planned this as part of its comprehensive testing plan to contain the virus and keep the university community healthy,” said John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations. 

Some students have complained that scanning their IDs has caused a delay when arriving on the Mount Carmel campus for in-person classes. 

“I have to leave an hour before my class even starts just because Public Safety gives me such a hard time letting me on campus when I just live on York (Hill),” said Jess Brij-Raj, a sophomore communications major.

Brij-Raj said although she doesn’t like the delay, she feels that the system is a good safety measure and doesn’t think there is a smoother way to do it since students have to manually scan their QCards. 

“I do think scanning IDs is a good idea overall for safety, it’s just a hassle when you’re running late,”  Brij-Raj said. 

Sarah Schwartz, a junior health sciences major, said having to wait in line in the morning to scan her QCard puts an unnecessary stress in her life.

“The last thing or need is to worry about leaving my dorm at the right time in anticipation of the long-awaited line to get into North Lot,” Schwartz said.

Morgan said the system will remain in place as long as it is necessary to maintain COVID-19 restrictions.