Gotta go fast

The ‘Sonic’ movie has finally arrived


Photo from Paramount Pictures

The ‘Sonic’ movie was supposed to be released in November, but was rescheduled to February because of a design issue.

Matthew Travia, Staff Writer

After a long wait of edits and pushing back deadlines, Sonic is ready for the public. “Sonic The Hedgehog” is now in theaters.

The “Sonic” movie was supposed to be released in early November 2019 but was pushed back to 2020 since there was an issue with Sonic’s original design. Originally, Sonic looked much different than what fans were used to.

The issue was that this wasn’t the Sonic we are used to seeing, with small eyes and what somewhat resembled a human mouth. The design actually looked like a blue hedgehog, but thankfully after outrage from the public, the design was fixed. The new design looks like the Sonic we all know and love.

“Sonic” was released on Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend the day of romance than watching a blue hedgehog run as fast as he can with your significant other?

The movie is based on the popular Sega series that Jeff Flower directed. Ben Schwartz does the voice acting for Sonic and does a nice job with it, too. Schwartz brings the fun and humorous side of Sonic to life.

At the beginning of the movie, we meet young Sonic on a planet that resembles his in-game model called Green Hills, but the name of the planet wasn’t specified in the film. Sonic is living with his owl protector, Longclaw.

But an ambush on Sonic causes an injured Longclaw to let Sonic go off on his own. She gives him a bag of rings that allows Sonic to travel to different planets.

The movie then transitions to Sonic while he is on Earth where he seems to be having a great time in a small town in Montana called Green Hills.

In the small town, Sonic gives an overview of the area. Two people that stand out the most are Tom Wachowski (played by James Marsden) and Maddie Wachowski (played by Tika Sumpter). Tom is the highly respected town sheriff while Maddie is a veterinarian.

While Tom loves being in Green Hills, not much happens there, and he wants that to change. He wants to be the person people look at to make a change, he wants more action, and luckily, he catches his big break when he gets accepted to join the force in San Francisco.

Although it looks like Sonic is having the time of his life, there is something missing, and he expresses that one night on a baseball field. Sonic feels lonely and wishes for a friend, as he can’t show himself or else he would have to leave planets once again. So, he fears that he can’t befriend anyone, or they’ll take him for his powers.

After a massive power outage due to Sonic’s unreal power, the army is alerted, and they decide to send in a mad scientist to get to the bottom of everything.

The army calls in Dr. Ivo Robotnik — an arrogant, yet very intelligent, scientist with superb technology — to track down the source of this energy. Robotnik is played by Jim Carrey, who does a great job playing the selfish and insane doctor.

Sonic knows he is being tracked and tries to leave but gets stuck and ends up in the Wachowski’s shed where they have their first interaction. Sonic attempts to leave but gets tranquilized and his bag of rings ends up in San Francisco.

This is where the adventure begins. Wachowski and Sonic retrieve the rings and make sure Robotnik doesn’t get to Sonic.

Make sure you go fast to your local theater to watch our favorite blue hedgehog in action.