The end is coming

A final look of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’


Matthew Travia, Staff Writer

The epic conclusion to the Star Wars saga keeps getting closer and closer. 

The trailer for the final installment of Star Wars was released Monday, Oct. 21, during halftime of the Patriots and Jets game. The trailer didn’t have anything as new or surprising as any of the other trailers, but questions still remain about the movie. 

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is set to be released on Dec. 20, 2019. This ninth movie is set to be the final movie of the Skywalker Saga. 

The trailer begins with Rey running through a forest and jumping across land. It seems as if she is finally training, which is something viewers haven’t seen her do in any of the other previous movies. 

We then get to catch a quick glimpse of all of our heroes in small cut scenes, then get a shot of Rey on what looks like a destroyed Death Star in the middle of roaring waves and a rainstorm. Rey’s voice is heard by stating “People keep telling me they know me ,” which is followed by, “No one does.” 

In the middle of the surging rain, we see Kylo Ren with his unique lightsaber and you hear a response to Rey’s comment. He responds to Rey with, “But I do.” They seem to have this weird connection they have been showing since “The Force Awakens.” 

Throughout the past two movies, Rey has been trying to figure out who she is and who her parents are. The force seems to have found her, but she isn’t sure as to why. Kylo seems to know the most about her and tries to bring Rey under his wing. 

Despite Rey and Kylo having their different views of the force, they seem to have a connection through the force. Is their connection legit or just a tactic for Kylo to use to have Rey turn over to the dark side?

We then see a quick glimpse of a new ice world that is pretty unique and something viewers haven’t seen before. After that, viewers see a throne and a familiar voice is heard saying, “Long have I waited.” 

It is none other The Emperor (Palpatine) who is responsible for all of the chaos in the first six movies. We are still unsure who can be behind the First Order, we all thought it was Snoak, but could it be someone of higher authority? Perhaps The Emperor has been the mastermind behind all of this madness?

We then see C3-PO getting worked on, perhaps getting rewired, as we are not sure as to what is going on with the droid. Po then asks C3-PO what is going on with them, C3-PO responds with “Taking one last look … at my friends.” What can this mean for the droid? 

There’s a scene where we see the back of what seems to be The Emperor walking towards Rey.

What can be his master plan? Why is Rey so important to him? Is Rey a Skywalker? 

There are so many questions that are unanswered. Some questions relating to this movie and questions regarding the entire trilogy.  

The rest of the trailer contains mostly action shots and other quick glimpses of the movie. 

After 42 years and eight main-series movies, the Skywalker saga is finally coming to an end.