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Fall premieres


Fall is not all about the falling leaves, picking apples and carving pumpkins for Halloween; it is also about premieres of all-time favorite TV shows. Big favorites, such as “This is Us,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “American Horror Story” have already held the fall premieres this past week, but other beloved shows such as “Riverdale” and “Big Mouth” are premiering the new seasons in the upcoming weeks. Read all about the premiere recaps and information on the upcoming ones if you are trying to find a new show to watch or are excited for your favorite shows to be coming back with a whole new story. 


This is…NUTS

Emily Disalvo 

This is it. “This is Us” has returned and my hopes were higher than William before he went to rehab.

I sat down to watch fully expecting to be reunited with with the Pearsons, thrust back into Randall’s relationship with his adopted daughter Deja and Kevin’s confusing romance with Zoe. Maybe Nicky would make a comeback and we’d see a respect between him and Rebecca develop. Maybe we’d finally find out why we kept seeing flashes of Rebecca lying in her death bed last season.

Nope, nope and … nope.

We met Cassidy, a mom returning home from Afghanistan suffering from severe PTSD.

We met this blind guy who starts dating a waitress he meets at a diner.

We met Malik, a junior in high school who has an infant daughter.

Oh, and we saw about seven minutes of a dinner Jack had with Rebecca’s family at which Rebecca’s father threatened him and promised his relationship with Rebecca wouldn’t work out. He would make sure of it.

However, in the last 10 minutes of the episode, these elements collided like a lawn chair shattering through a glass window–literally.

As Cassidy is sitting through a meeting with other veterans struggling to integrate back into society, a chair comes flying through the window, sending all of the PTSD sufferers into a panic. Who threw the chair? Nicky, Jack’s long lost brother.

Then, we see Malik at a party. He’s grilling burgers, when a girl walks over with her friend, who is no other than Deja. She introduces Deja to Malik and Deja is overcome with a glow that can only be described as teenage lust. We later see her return home and Randall asks, “What happened to your face?” because he had never seen her quite so happy.

Then we see Kate and Toby meeting with their son’s doctor. We know baby Jack had some complications since he was born so early but we didn’t know it caused him to be blind. Wait. Blind? The blind guy who fell in love in the diner is Jack all grown up?

Turns out grown-up Jack is a wildly talented singer who performs in giant concert venues. The episode closes as he’s singing. His voice continues on, but the camera moves between clips of him on the stage and clips of Rebecca singing in an empty bar to Jack, who she had just met a few weeks ago.

The episode ended and I had chills. Jack’s voice singing “I found my way to you” haunts me as I am writing this because I still don’t understand so much of what happened.

Why did Nicky throw the chair through the window? What does Deja’s infatuation with Malik mean? And then why did we flash forward so many years to see Jack all grown up? 

I’m impressed, confused but also excited. With a show like “This is Us,” you always wonder how they could possibly extend it for another season. What else could the Pearson family do? They only have so many children. By introducing three entirely new families and stories, they have extended the web and given us more irresistible characters that make us show up each and every Tuesday, tissue box in hand.

Crazy Grey’s

Jessica Simms 

The beloved hospital drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” premiered its sixteenth season on Sept. 26, bringing to light the cliff hangers the finale of the fifteenth season left viewers with back in the spring. Viewers, for the first time, see cherished characters not working in the comfort of the Grey-Sloan Hospital after the whole insurance fraud scandal that took place during the previous season. Not only does that change occur during this premiere, viewers also see beloved couples break-up due to the events that occurred during the finale of last season. Just like all “Grey’s Anatomy” premieres, this one had big changes occur that will set a whole new tone for the rest of the season to come. Will Alex Karev, Meredith Grey and Richard Webber be able to come back to work atGrey-Sloan Hospital? What will happen with Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce? We just have to wait and see how this season turns out.

21 seasons of saving lives

 Jessica Simms 

For now, 21 seasons, “Law & Order: SVU” has been showing Olivia Benson and her team saving the city of New York from crimes involving sexual acts. Benson’s team has drastically changed over the past 21 seasons and it has changed again during this premiere. Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, a member of the Special Victims Unit since season 16, was seen during the opening scene of the premiere packing up his desk and telling his partner, Amanda Rollins, that he had to turn in his gun. Carisi ended up joining the District Attorney’s office as the Assistant D.A. Other than this big change, Benson and her team went on to save victims from Sir Tobias Moore the head of PicFlix, a large TV studio and streaming service. Like any “Law & Order: SVU” episode, the SVU team works to bring down the perpetrator and bring justice to the victims. 

1980s slasher makes a come back

Janna Marnell 

We all know that “Murder House,” “Asylum” and “The Coven” have been the best seasons that “American Horror Story” has put on. Evan Peters has broken our hearts in a mysterious way in these three seasons as Tate Langdon, Kit Walker and Kyle Spencer. However, he disappeared shortly after his debut in this series. 

Season four all the way up to Apocalypse (2018), with the exception of Roanoke (2016) has been a disappointment for my Halloween craving. However, this season “1884” is only two episodes in and it still shows my love for 80s horror movies. It is your typical horror movie cast that consists of the whore, the jock, the hippie, the black person and the one that so far “seems” innocent. This group of friends gets hired at an abandoned summer camp that was reopened after a decade of being shut down by a massacre that happened in the early 1970s. 

Mr. Jingles, the murderer of the massacre, escaped from a psychiatric hospital after finding out about the camp reopening to get his revenge on the one that got away. Although, so far, there are some plot holes within the extra murderer and stalker that is after Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts). This past week’s episode left us on a cliffhanger having one of the victims be actually a ghost, unable to leave the camp grounds. 

My friends and I plan on sitting every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. around the TV to watch this ‘80s inspired slasher that’ll hopefully keep us wanting more.  



Big Mouth

 Alexis Guerra 

When we last left the characters in “Big Mouth’s” holiday music episode, “My Furry Valentine,” things weren’t looking so good for Andrew Glouderman (John Mulaney).  He has been trying to win back Missy (Jenny Slate). He’s allergic to his new red Kangol hat, causing a “profoundly violent rash” on his scalp. And finally, he embarrasses himself at a party and in the last few moments of the episode, we leave Andrew in the street, angry and humiliated. Netflix’s raunchy cartoon about kids going through puberty will return to the streaming platform on Oct. 4. The show’s creator, Nick Kroll, revealed that Netflix has picked up the show through season six — so we can expect to be hearing sex jokes from the mouths of middle schoolers long into the future. 

Fourth season starring the core four

 Jessica Simms

Season three of the popular mystery drama, “Riverdale,” changed the whole course of events for the core four’s lives. Betty’s family is now missing, since The Farm has all disappeared, Charles Smith is an FBI agent, Hal Cooper is now dead and Veronica and Archie are possibly back together. Season three ended with almost the entirety of the core four (Archie, Betty and Veronica) standing over a fire, with blood all over them. Jughead was nowhere to be found, except with Archie clutching his beanie. The three of them agreed to destroy the evidence, finish school and then go their separate ways. Fans are waiting to see what the three characters mean by this, but can’t find out until season four premieres on Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. Is Jughead dead? Will the core four ever be fully reunited? Guess we all just have to wait until season four premieres to find out.


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