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Do you have the guts to take these quizzes?


Quizzes by Alexis Guerra and Charlotte Gardner

What kind of candy are you?

What is your greatest fear?

a.) Scaring away potential friends

b.) Getting eaten by zombies

c.) Being deserted on an island

d.) You aren’t scared of anything

What’s your favorite social media?

a.) Facebook

b.) Instagram

c.) Snapchat

d.) Twitter

What is your favorite type of music?

a.) Country

b.) Today’s Pop Hits

c.) Classic Rock

d.) EDM

Which of these is your favorite fashion brand?

a.) Forever 21

b.) Nike

c.) Vineyard Vines

d.) Supreme

What is your dream vacation?

a.) London, England

b.) Bahamas

c.) Los Angeles, California

d.) Bangkok, Thailand

It’s 9 p.m. on a Friday night and you are…

a.) Watching Netflix in bed

b.) Hosting DIY night

c.) Still trying to make plans with your friends

d.) You don’t remember what happens on Friday nights

What’s your favorite Halloween movie?

a.) “The Addams Family”

b.) “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

c.) “Hocus Pocus”

d.) “The Conjuring”

Which of these would be your preferred method of transportation to a party?

a.) Propark Shuttles

b.) You’re the designated driver

c.) Uber XL

d.) Walking…no matter how far away it is

Which of the following is your favorite board game?

a.) Monopoly

b.) Scrabble

c.) Twister

d.) Cards Against Humanity

Which of the following would you like to dress up as for Halloween?

a.) Eleven from “Stranger Things”

b.) Batman

c.) Whatever your friends force you to be this year as a group costume

d.) Britney Spears

A answers: 1 points

B answers: 2 points

C answers: 3 points

D answers: 4 points


10-15 Points: You are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

You present yourself well, you’re neat and very polished on the outside. However, on the inside, you’re filled with irresistible peanut buttery charm. Sometimes it takes a bit of getting to know you before someone can really reap the benefits of your personality, but once they experience their first taste they’re hooked.

16-25 Points: You are M&Ms

People love your colorful personality and how you’re always ready for a good time but not too good of a time. Just like how M&M’s come in so many flavors (peanut, mini, pretzel), you’re also flexible and make yourself readily available to anyone. People can tolerate a lot of you in small doses, but they’ve come to learn as many times as you try to rebrand yourself, you’re still the same person you were when you started.

26-35 Points: You are Twix

Just like how sticky the caramel in Twix is, you like to stick with a close group of friends who know you best. However, you’re prone to being a little too close, just like the sticky caramel on your teeth. You are durable and strong, and you take a few hits to go down just like a Twix bar. Regardless, you’re known for your unique combination of qualities and loyalty.

35-40 Points: You are Pixie Stix

You are the life of the party. You are the absolute last thing a mother wants being exposed to their 6 year old. Some may say you don’t always belong, but you prove time and time again you can get the job done. You’re also the type of person that makes their own rules instead of following them. Don’t get ahead of yourself though, because what you bring to the table has others wishing they could be you.



How should you carve your pumpkin this year?

Which Halloween movie describes you?

a.) “Halloweentown”

b.) “Get Out”

c.) “Scary Movie”

d.) “Friday the 13th”

What is your preferred Halloween costume?

a.) Ghost

b.) Albert Einstein

c.) The less amount of effort the better

d.) The Babadook

What is your favorite fall activity?

a.) Trick-or-treating

b.) Cozying up in knit blankets

c.) Football tailgates

d.) Lurking in the background

What is your best studying technique?

a.) Reread my notes

b.) Color-coded study guide

c.) Hope for the best

d.) Cheat

What is the best way to scare someone?

a.) Jump out from behind a door

b.) Gaslighting

c.) Physically hurt someone

d.) Stalk them

What is your favorite color?

a.) Blue

b.) Yellow

c.) Red

d.) Black

What haunted place would you take someone to?

a.) Haunted house

b.) Haunted cornfield

c.) Haunted bar

d.) Active crime scene

What’s the worst thing you’ve done?

a.) Stolen money from a parent or sibling

b.) Plagiarized an exam

c.) Didn’t show up to class for a whole week

d.) Fed your goldfish to the dog

What is your preferred animal?

a.) Dog

b.) Cat

c.) Dolphin

d.) Bat

What is the most important thing to bring to class?

a.) Pencil

b.) Pen

c.) Phone

d.) All of your textbooks

A answers: 1 points

B answers: 2 points

C answers: 3 points

D answers: 4 points


10-15 Points: You got old fashioned Jack-o’-lantern

You are in the Halloween spirit and the holiday takes you back to the good old days. Apple-picking and flannels are your fall go-to. You reflect on the days when you went trick-or-treating and reminisce on how much candy you scored when you were young. A simple carving of a Jack-O-Lantern can definitely cure your nostalgia.

16-25 Points: You got Starry Night

You are a fan of the arts- dark arts especially. You aren’t afraid of hard work and putting in effort to make a masterpiece. Your costume will also reflect your haunting creativity and your passion for Halloween. You value your skills and talent and want them to be known by everyone around you. You miss how Halloween used to be, but you’re more excited to express yourself each season.

26-35 Points: You got Pumpkin Puke

Remember that post you saw on Barstool? Your humor and eagerness to have fun take control of the Halloween spirit. Halloweekend for you isn’t defined as Saturday and Sunday- more like all week. You don’t have any costumes but you’re going to just wear a jersey and you’ll be fine. Forget about ghosts and witches- you’re focused on how hard you’ll party.

35-40 Points: You got downright Unsettling

Halloween was made for you. You’re well versed on every creepy one-liner made by the likes of Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw. These creepy character traits may transfer over in real life, and your pumpkin design will be troubling. Blood and gore puts you into the Halloween feels but you celebrate all year round. You love scaring your friends and transforming into a terrifying creature for your costumes.  



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