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Riverdale Return


The CW teen drama and mystery show “Riverdale” is back for its third season after premiering on Wednesday, Oct. 10. The premiere episode consisted of the usual beloved characteristics that make “Riverdale” loved by viewers, such as the romance between the teens and the mysterious plotline that distinguishes this show from all others. However, on top of the norm, this season seems to have a change to the storyline when levitating babies and a gargoyle king were added to the set of characters.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of christine donovan/cw” align=”alignright” width=”200″][/media-credit]The show “Riverdale” is based off of characters from the “Archie Comics” and debuted its first season on Jan. 26, 2017. This was the first time the stories of Archie and his gang shined on television, taking a huge spin away from the usual plotline of the comic books, being more focused on murder mysteries and different romances amongst the characters.

The characters too, are not quite like they are in the graphic novels. Jughead Jones is not the class clown, but instead is the teen reporter, trying to crack the case of Riverdale’s mysteries and Hiram Lodge is not just a boring billionaire, but instead schemes in order to make himself the most powerful man in Riverdale.

The only characters that still have their true colors are Archie Andrews, who is the kind hearted and the high school football star and Betty Cooper, who is the definition of the girl next door.

From season one to season three, viewers have been seeing the core four, Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) search for the truth of their hometown Riverdale through battling, joining gangs and doing whatever it takes to find out what their reality is. What makes this season of Riverdale so different is the dramatic change that is going to happen with all of their lives and it all starts right at the beginning of the premiere.

Season three opened up with Archie in court tried for a crime that he did not commit, being defended by his mother Mary (Molly Ringwald). Because the jury could not come up with a verdict, Archie got to go home for the three day weekend hence the name of the episode being “Labor Day.” So Archie got to spend the weekend with his friends, ending up getting a tattoo, joining the Serpent gang in hopes to be protected if he is locked away and bring peace between the Serpents and Bulldogs, the football team. He even asks Reggie (Charles Melton), the captain of the Bulldogs, to help him out with keeping these groups as allies and not enemies if he gets sent away to jail.

Throughout the summer, Archie and friends worked on the trial and attended every single hearing. When they finally got the weekend off, the core four went to Sweetwater Swimming Hole and attend Cheryl Blossom’s (Madelaine Petsch) pool party. These moments in the episode are the more feel-good parts of the show, but despite that, there is definitely conflict brewing as the episode continues on.

The storyline of Betty is definitely one that has more conflict coming in the future episodes since her father was announced a murderer in the previous season. In the premiere episode of season three, Betty fights with her mother Alice (Madchen Amick) and her sister Polly (Tiera Skovbye) about the new boyfriend Edgar, who viewers have yet to meet, but know that he is a health guru. Despite Polly and Alice’s seemingly genuine concern for Betty’s decision to forge signatures in order to get prescriptions and pretend that she is attending therapy, Betty has decided to not agree with anything they say.

At the end of the episode, viewers watch Betty walk outside to see Polly and Alice wearing white robes throwing Polly’s twin babies into a bonfire. Thankfully the babies are able to float above it, but Betty faints into a seizure after watching all of this happen. On the other side of town, Riverdale seems to get even more strange after Jughead finds his friends being sacrificed for the new character called the Gargoyle King.

“‘G’ is for the Gargoyle King,” Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, “Riverdale” creator, said on Twitter. “Gruesome, gory, grim, and gnarly. His reign on #Riverdale begins on 10/10 on the CW.”

With all of these new unique additions to the show, “Riverdale” seems to be taking a new turn with Archie now being in jail after making the quick decision at the end of the episode to plead guilty for the crime he did not commit, Betty finding her only family sacrificing the twin babies and Jughead encountering the Gargoyle King. The only way to find out what ends up happening to these beloved characters is by tuning in on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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