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A Senior’s side of the story

For approximately a decade, seniors at Quinnipiac University have been required to move off campus because more students are living in the residence halls.

All the current seniors at Quinnipiac University are required to move to apartments and condos in the Hamden, North Haven and Wallingford areas.

Being forced to live off campus is a great nuisance to a large number of seniors. There are many inconveniences which are a result of the move. These include parking, finances and cooking.

Horror stories of what it’s like to find a parking spot during the weekday are commonplace but actually experiencing it firsthand took it to an all new level. Having to wake up two hours before my class to make sure there is enough time to find a spot.

It was suggested to me that I should stalk people for a spot or, better yet, offer them a ride to their car and then take their spot. After personally experiencing this I decided I would never want to put someone in such an uncomfortable situation, but I’ve come to realize that when desperation kicks in who knows what embarrassing actions you’ll resort to.

Another hassle for students in their final year of college is to have the additional unneeded worry about finances.

On-campus residents pay to live in the dorms but it’s included with the bill for tuition. Seniors living off campus have to pay monthly rent out of their own pockets along with the internet bill, electric, cable and fluctuating gas prices. The cost of my apartment per month is $900, not including electricity and the Internet.

I am on a tight budget and I have found myself trying to eat as little as possible to save money. When I paid last month’s electric and Internet bills I realized that I just wrote away my chance to go out for the next couple of months.

It is difficult to adjust from having whatever type of food you want available at your beck and call to going food shopping at least once a week.

I’ve come to loathe food shopping because it makes me feel like a housewife. In my mind, part of going to college is experiencing campus life and not having to worry about bills and cooking and how many minutes you can spend in the shower. These worries are what come along with life after college.

The university has finally acknowledged the fact that there is a problem with housing.

Quinnipiac’s plans for the new York Hill campus include new suite-style residence buildings, a student center and a parking garage in addition to the TD Banknorth Sports Center, which is already open.

Construction is under way so that seniors will be able to live in Quinnipiac housing as the new facilities are completed starting in 2009.

Current freshmen, sophomores and all incoming students are guaranteed housing for four years.

That is a small comfort to the seniors who have had to move off campus for the past decade.

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