Senior Send-off: Erin Kane

Erin Kane

[media-credit id=2200 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Time management. Time management. Time management. That is literally what I constantly heard from professors and faculty since I came to Quinnipiac. Now that I am about to complete my fourth year of college I will be saying the same thing to all of you.

Some people don’t realize how being a college student can almost seem like we have full time jobs. People don’t realize that we are legally adults but still trying to figure out the whole adulting thing.

We are juggling school, clubs, sports, organizations, jobs and a social life. This is a lot for us to all be doing especially since we are trying to figure out what we really want to do with our lives and who we want to be. It is exhausting. Obviously, this is why we always want to take naps.

But let me get to the point. As college students still trying to figure things out, we think we are invincible. We think we can do anything and everything. I hate to break it to you, but you are not invincible and you are going to want to give up on some things. You are going to find things you like and things you don’t like. You are going to find things you are good at and things you aren’t good at. Now I am not saying that you should just not try new things. That is how you learn what you want to do.

I am telling you all of this based on experience. I have had to make adjustments and sacrifices so that I can try and do the things I like to do. I have changed my mind on things and I think this is what we are supposed to be doing in college.

We are supposed to be going out there and trying new things. Yeah, you might say you never quit anything, but you have to quit some things if they just don’t mesh well with you. If you are liking everything that you are doing and you don’t want to quit, then that is where the time management comes in.

This semester is when I really figured out that I had to manage my time and I never realized how difficult it would be until I was the busiest. I had to make certain sacrifices like missing events and not being able to always hang out with friends. That is something that I do regret but I am glad I didn’t have to quit anything that I really enjoyed doing. I don’t want to go on about how I learned to manage my time because I don’t have it perfected or anything and it is different for everybody.

I encourage you to keep doing the things you like and continue to try the whole adulting thing out because eventually we will all figure it out.

So, my final words to you are have fun, try new things and make memories.