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Opinion | Goodbye freedom of the press, hello media censorship


Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya and Demi Lovato all have two things in common. They are all advocates for the “Me Too” campaign, and two, they were all on the cover of Cosmopolitan in 2017. Is this for their own publicity or is it because they are also advocates for the female empowerment mission Cosmo stands for?

On the other hand, Walmart has a different opinion about these magazines. At the end of March 2018, one of the biggest stores in the country, Walmart, decided to move Cosmopolitan magazines from the checkout aisles to the back of the store behind barriers, according to the New York Times. Walmart stated that they did not want the customers to be exposed to the sexual content that Cosmopolitan delivers.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) partnered up with Walmart to decrease publications of Cosmopolitan in hopes that the sex magazine will stop degrading women and painting them as sex objects to males, according to the Huffington Post.

The NCOSE is a nonprofit organization that exposes all sexual exploitations such as child pornography and sex trafficking.

NCOSE states that Cosmopolitan “relentlessly glamorizes things like public, anal, group, and violent sex to its young female readership,” and that minors should be protected from such material. The content, NCOSE argues, goes against the organization’s mission which is to “defend human dignity and to oppose sexual exploitation,” according to the Huffington Post.

But why try to decrease the viewings of a publication that is loved worldwide?

Cosmopolitan reaches more than 17 million viewers a month, according to the magazine’s website. If the Cosmo viewers are combined with the strength of the “Me Too” campaign in today’s world. Wouldn’t the publication be shut down by now? In other words, the “Me Too” movement is so large that one of the first targets that the nation would go after would be Cosmopolitan if it was truly degrading women.

The NCOSE was trying to help the public, but the public was not asking for this.

The audience’s and celebrities around the nation are doing the best that they can to bring as much awareness to this campaign as possible. But why try to take the publication away when some of the campaign’s known advocates such as Zendaya are promoting the magazine that the NCOSE is trying to diminish?

Yes, the magazine does promote sexual terms and inappropriate content for underage viewers, but the viewers also admire the magazine for publicizing a topic that most people love but will not bring up. Moreover, the only times that sex is brought up, is in a negative terminology, but Cosmopolitan is one of the few magazines that focuses on sexual content as a positive and loving definition.

Cosmopolitan stated that the magazine is “a bible for fun, fearless females,” according to their website. The magazine focuses on women and giving them something entertaining and free spirited to read monthly.

One review of the magazine stated, “Tons of information for women today.”

The magazine does not only focus on sexual ideas, makeup, fashion and more are also included in the monthly subscription. Of course, the NCOSE and Walmart do not care that the magazine is trying to empower women in every aspect. Instead, these two businesses are trying to bring an issue that will heighten their publicity by demeaning a more powerful company.

This is how companies are working, nowadays. It is as if they are envious of other associations. To bring Cosmo down, these businesses want to bring an idea to the public that sounds as if companies such as Cosmopolitan are harming their viewers in order to make themselves look like the protagonists.

Yes, the NCOSE has a great mission especially in today’s world. The sexual harassment and abuse happening in this nation today is horrendous, but are they taking it to a level that is not necessary? It is not as if Cosmopolitan is trying to act as if sexual abuse is a positive action.

Actually, Cosmo is empowering women to be confident in their own skin while the NCOSE and Walmart are trying to hide the empowerment and change the “Me Too” movement into a silencing act.

Women today are finally becoming confident enough to be happy with themselves. They are also proving their courageous acts by trying to reach the community in a way that confirms to women that it is time to speak out. That is what the “Me Too” movement is all about. This movement is not just about stopping predators from sexually harassing others, it is about bringing boldness to the nation that has never felt this feeling before.

Walmart is bringing the “Me Too” movement to a pause because it is damaging the confidence of women by hiding the females that are comfortable enough to talk about sexual topics.

Censorship was decreasing with the amount of females speaking out. Now, the freedom of the press will be coming to a stop. With the strong retail companies moving the products to a hidden spot in the store, they are becoming a monopoly against female confidence.

The role of social media and powerful women today are finally becoming the norm. Why are we stopping the empowerment because it is “too” much?

Cosmo started in 1886. How come it was natural for females to be sexual in 1886, but in 2018 where we have people progressing in a more positive aspect than ever, it is an issue?

The freedom of the press is coming to a stop. The “Me Too” movement is coming to a stop. This could all lead back to the NCOSE who are the ones that are trying to bring awareness to sexual harassment.

The nation is more stuck on the publicity of their own businesses rather than the safety of the public.

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