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Letter to the editor


Quinnipiac, we have to talk.

I love you but this is not okay. Saturday March 25, millions of people marched around the country and even around the world, and we did nothing.

How can we do nothing?

We rent buses to take students to baseball games, we pay for students to roller skate and go to Skyzone, but we can’t rent a bus to take students to D.C.?

That is disgraceful.

We didn’t even have an event at school.

The administration sends emails about what to do in case of a shooter. Our professors show us the exits and tell us where to go in case there is a shooter. All of this is good because that’s their jobs, but it’s also their job and our job to attempt to stop mass shootings.

To do that, we have to speak up, we have to protest. It’s not okay for me to feel as though my school doesn’t care about anyone or anything outside of the university. Quinnipiac is such a little bubble that I think the students forget (or don’t care about) things that are happening in the outside world.

This is ironic because the world came to know us, as an institution, through our polling. Through the Quinnipiac Poll the university has measured the concerns of our society outside of the campus. So why aren’t we, as students, as the administrators, just as concerned with society outside of the campus? It’s up to us, students, Millennials, Gen Z, to help make a change and to make our voices heard.

Now, this letter is not about getting everybody on board with gun control, it’s about the lack of involvement our school has in outside issues. How our college did nothing is beyond me, it’s disgraceful!

Everybody has the right to free speech, I subscribe to that, but we should have had the option of attending a March for our Lives related event or board a bus to D.C. I pay a lot of money to go to this school, it could at least provide us a bus to March for Our Lives.

The problems with gun violence is not going to go away overnight, it’s a continuous fight and Quinnipiac needs to be on board with that. The fight for sensible gun legislation is a fight we should support without fear.

After all, we’re a private institution that doesn’t have to bow to outside political pressure. That is why, I am committed to calling out Quinnipiac for its indifference and demand we do something. We need to break out of this bubble, the world is not all about us.

After all, isn’t “Q” about raising the intellect, compassion, empathy, and wherewithal of its students?

Isn’t the goal of “Q” to produce world thinkers, action takers, people who want to improve the human condition in one way or another?

This is not about Republican vs. Democrat, this is about our lives, the lives of our siblings, our families, our friends, our children. We have endured the unimaginable trauma and heartache of the murder of our children at Sandy Hook, in Newtown, just 28.5 miles from our beloved campus.

Quinnipiac, it’s time to step up and start talking.

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