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Have we outgrown Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner and the students of the Quinnipiac community are ready for a fun-filled night. Plans for costumes, parties, and haunted houses are being discussed.

However, do college students have the same idea about Halloween as they did when they were younger? Are they still interested in the innocent fun of Halloween or have they grown out of the simple traditions?

“I haven’t gone trick or treating since I was in seventh grade,” said Samantha Schlemm, a freshman undeclared liberal arts major. “Oh and maybe for like an hour in 10th grade with my little brother.”

Schlemm says, however, that her lack of trick or treating has nothing to do with growing out of the Halloween spirit.

“I couldn’t really go out because my school had midterms that week,” she said. “Plus I always had soccer games that night, so it was a really busy time.”

Schlemm said that now that she is in college and has a little extra free time, she is going to dress up. She is planning on being a Yankees fan because she has a lot of Yankees apparel and thinks it will be an easy fun costume. The only Halloween related plans she has are going to the Haunted House with QUAD.

On the other hand freshman business major Chris Eglin said, “I trick or treated last year and I already have a costume for this year.”

To Eglin, Halloween has always been a fun time filled with tradition. He does admit, however, that being a college student does alter many students’ plans for Halloween.

“I know that there are a lot more plans for parties on Halloween night,” Eglin said. “It is part of being at college. But there is a little mix of both. You can have the innocent fun of going to a costume party and dressing up; however, there will still probably be the possibility to drink on Halloween night.”

What are Eglin’s plans for Halloween? He has a costume that he will only reveal on Halloween night at a costume party he plans to attend.

For freshman Chelsea Naso, Halloween is about being with her family and her friends.

“I usually take my little cousins out trick or treating earlier in the night,” Naso said. “Then I go out with my friends.”

For Chelsea, this Halloween will be very different. It lacks the trick or treating aspect and there is less incentive to plan hard for Halloween night.

“A lot of the girls in my hallway have costumes,” Naso said. “I don’t have one yet. I’m not sure what I want to dress up as.”

Naso still isn’t sure what she is going to do on Halloween, but feels as though she has not grown out of the Halloween spirit.

Halloween is a time of trick or treating, dressing up and having fun. At college, students’ plans for Halloween will be different from their plans in the past. However, it is certain that the students of Quinnipiac have not grown out of the Halloween spirit and plan to have a fun night, regardless of what they do.

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