Nicole Kessler

New York Fashion Week 2018 is back and so far the shows have been anything but ordinary.

The splashy, electric and vibrant shows began on Thursday Feb. 9 after three consecutive days of menswear fashion shows. The month-long runway palooza is starting off in the Big Apple ending on Feb. 14, then making its way to London, Milan and Paris.

“Fashion Week really symbolizes the unity of the fashion design community,” senior media studies major Sabrina Sergio said. “Designers from all over the globe join together to show off their work in a unified space with support from people everywhere.”

Designers such as Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott and Adam Selman all had shows first, helping kick off the nine-day showcase. These shows featured supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber, who sported a whole lot of animal sequined tights and neon colored wigs. Other celebrity sightings include Cardi B, Julianne Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and Salma Hayek.

“As an avid fashion lover, I am always looking for the next, fresh trend that’s going to overwhelm us,” senior public relations major Daniella Trivelli said. “Although some of the designs shown during fashion week may be unrealistic, it opens the door to creativity and adapting wild styles into your own personal flare.”

This brisk February winter sure isn’t stopping the designers, models, influencers, editors, attendees and celebrities from expressing their unique take on street style fashion while hitting the vibrant streets of Manhattan.

Some looks that were spotted included cozy outerwear pieces like teddy coats to keep warm, outlandish tiny glasses, cowboy boots and dainty beaded handbags.

But don’t worry, if making it to fashion week this year wasn’t in the cards, there are some other ways to see the shows live.

“I also love how Fashion Week isn’t just limited to the fashion community,” Sergio said. “The NYFW websites offers a live stream of almost all of the shows. This way anyone and everyone is able to watch and get in on the action.”

With that being said, here is the latest Fashion Week scoop…


What’s new and exciting this season?

For the first time ever, models will have their own private changing rooms.  The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has partnered with the Model Alliance, IMG Fashion and Pier59 Studios to create a space that’s safe and private for the models backstage. The CFDA Health Initiative was founded in 2007 as a way to look after the wellbeing of the models. According to its website, last month the council expanded to include the new Initiative for Health, Safety and Diversity.

The #MeToo fashion show, which took place on Feb. 9, wasn’t your typical fashion show. According to the #MeToo Fashion Show NYFW’s website, the event is more than a fashion show, but a place to here models’ testimonies. Facts about sexual misconduct will be said through spoken word, narration and music. Even the makeup, hair and fashion will “portray our sister survivors and allow the models to walk as a voice for the voiceless.” “I think that incorporating the #TimesUp & #MeToo movements is a great way to show that support can come from all over. It’s scary to think that acts of sexual abuse could be happening in the fashion industry, or any industry for that matter, and the public just might not know about it yet,” Sergio said.


Model moments and beauty trends

The critics are swooning over 16-year-old model, Kaia Gerber. Since making her runway debut in 2017, this fashion darling has been the epicenter on runways across the globe. She dazzled the audience while walking in Tom Ford’s show on Feb. 9 for his ‘80s style Fall 2018 collection. She was dressed in a jet black mini dress, oversized black coat, sequined zebra leggings with fishnet stockings underneath, a zebra purse, shoulder length hoop earrings and a thick black leather headband to finish off the look. She definitely had heads turn as she strutted down the runway.

Gigi Hadid walked in Jeremy Scott’s futuristic runway show and made a bold statement. She wore a wig with bangs, which was a soft purple blunt bob. Other models rocked neon blue, green orange and yellow wigs. Hadid wore a thick pink choker that had a glow to it. Her crop top was dazzled with broken colored mirror pieces and her makeup was one-of-a-kind. She dawned a makeup look inspired by a cat with bright eyeliner. Most models wore thigh high shiny silver or pink fur space boots.


Jaw-Dropping Runway Shows

Tory Burch’s 2018 show was colorful, uplifting and truly special. Lining the runway were thousands of pink carnations. Her inspiration was Jackie O’s sister Lee Radziwill, who is an 84-year-old American socialite, public relations executive and interior decorator. Her collection included a ton of florals, silky flowy dresses, tailored blazers and oversized coats. Julianne Moore, Sienna Miller and Zoey Deutch all sat in the front row. Burch also included a purplish- red puddy bow tea dress, refering to the powerful #MeToo movement.

Hungry while walking down the runway? No problem. Brooklyn based swimwear company, Chromat, had models walk down the runway with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in hand and some of the models even had energy drinks inside their mesh pockets. Other wild outfits included neon bathing suits and coverups with pool noodles attached. Chromat also had one of the most diverse runways. On Friday, the runway featured a woman wearing a hijab, transgender and plus size models, as well as an amputee.