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No love for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming fast. It’s a day for the celebration of a couple’s time and their journey together. I think Valentine’s Day is great, it’s a time where two people who love each other really get to bask in their passion. And for those who aren’t in relationships, Valentine’s Day could be the start of something new, if they’re willing to make a move.

There are several different legends as to how Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, originated. Most of these legends originated from Italy. Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men when he decided that single men made for better soldiers. Valentine, a priest, defied Claudius and upon discovery was ordered to be put to death, according to

When it comes to how Valentine’s Day is portrayed both in the media and in America, its origins are often lost in translation. This is seen through the countless clichè romance films. These movies seem to always have a stereotypical couple and some sort of conflict: either they can’t be together because she’s with someone else who’s just not for her, the guy messes up and then wins her back in the end or just a drawn out story of the couple falling in love.

These themes are put on display in the movie appropriately named “Valentine’s Day.” This movie follows several storylines surrounding its many characters which revolve around some of the aforementioned themes. This minefield of clichés only cost $52 million to produce and has earned over $215 million worldwide according to

Valentine’s Day, as seen through romantic comedies is just one way of looking at the holiday. Here’s how some QU girls assume guys feel about Valentine’s Day and how some QU guys really feel.


Matthew Martin, freshman athletic training major

If you want to celebrate go ahead. Why do you need a day to show people you love them? Why just one single day? I get it like sure you can do something nice, but then you also do something nice for anniversary and all that stuff which means more I think than Valentine’s Day.

Savion Judge, senior biology major

I’m not a big fan of [Valentine’s Day], I think it’s a fake holiday, it’s meant for money. I don’t like it, I think it’s dumb.

Michele DePalo, freshman entrepreneurship major

Where I’m from there’s not such a big culture of it – I’m an international student from Italy, but it’s a cool thing I bet. It’s a lot less formal where I’m from. There’s not this huge culture of the roses or dates.

Christopher Giorgio, freshman media studies major

[Valentine’s Day] is alright if you’re in a relationship, and I feel like other people want to be in a relationship, and Valentine’s Day kind of sucks for those people.

Tyler Sylvia, junior biochemistry major

I’m not too excited for [Valentine’s Day]. I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day. Just another day on the calendar.


Lindsay Allen, freshman business undeclared major

I don’t think [men] really care for Valentine’s Day. It depends, I feel like guys in relationships feel more towards it than guys that aren’t. If they like someone they can use Valentine’s Day to impress a girl or get them a gift. Just go out and go to their crush and give them their gift.

Noel Walton, freshman health science major

I think guys feel it’s overrated and I feel like it’s overrated. Why spend one day showing you love somebody when you can show every single day?

Stephanie Persiani, freshman pre-med major

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on [men] to do something special for their girlfriend if they’re in a relationship. Every girl blows up Valentine’s Day in their head and thinks its super awesome and every guy goes ‘Shoot, I have to live up to this.’

Alexia Antogiovanni, freshman nursing major

Most [men] don’t really care. I feel like only guys that are in relationships would go out of their way to make a girl feel special.

Caitlin Gray, senior psychology major

I think it’s split. I think there’s a lot of pressure on guys to make Valentine’s Day extra special and perfect, but I also know a lot of guy friends who actually really enjoy it.

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