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Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

In the process of choosing a college, one considers many different factors. Class size, the appearance of the campus, the food and the distance from home all play a large role in the college decision process. At Quinnipiac, there is one other statistic to take into consideration: the 62:38 ratio of females to males.

Although the most important part of college is receiving a good education, college can also be a great place to meet people that you can develop strong connections with, on a deeper level than “just friends.”

The ratio’s effect can be seen in the residence halls. Irma’s dorm building is composed of three different floors; only the second floor houses boys. When asked about the 62:38 ratio of boys to girls, Phil Astuto, a resident of Irma’s second floor, claims “Of course I like it! Who wouldn’t?”

Phil Astuto came from an all boys military school so the ratio is a bit of a change from what he is used to; however, it is a change that he definitely welcomes. Ben Hirsch, also a resident of Irma’s second floor, has a slightly different take on the ratio difference.

“I feel as though the ratio is a bit a skewed,” Hirsch said. ” I have met a lot of girls but half of them already have boyfriends back home, so I don’t really notice the 62:38 ratio as much.”

When asked whether he found it easy to meet girls, however, Hirsch replied, “It’s very easy. There are so many girls in all my classes, and I live in between two floors of girls, so it’s not that hard.”

Girls who come to Quinnipiac without a boyfriend, however, have a very different feeling about the 62:38 ratio. As one of the many female freshmen roaming Dorm road, Sam Boltmer comes to Quinnipiac from a public, co-ed high school, in Long Island, N.Y. She greatly considered the ratio before deciding to attend Quinnipiac.

“The ratio is a little bit weird,” Boltmer said. “There are noticeably fewer boys than girls around campus. In some of my classes I only have two or three boys in the entire class.”

Without having boys in their classes, single girls are forced to meet people in other ways such as getting involved, joining clubs or intramural teams, or going off campus on the weekends.

The feelings about the ratio prove to differ even more in the individuals who are already committed to someone back home.

“I didn’t consider the gender ratio when choosing Quinnipiac,” freshman Sam Schlemm said. “I can obviously tell within my classes that there are more girls than boys but either way it doesn’t matter to me because I am not looking for anyone.”

Schlemm has been dating her boyfriend for over a year and the fact that there are so many less boys than girls doesn’t phase her. Chris Johnis, also a resident of Irma’s second floor, has been dating his girlfriend for six months. Johnis also didn’t consider the ratio before coming to Quinnipiac.

“Now that I am here I realize it,” Johnis said. “But it is not something I consider greatly.”

As many others, Johnis is part of a QU 101 class in which there are only two boys. Johnis’ roommate John Nye also has a girlfriend and claims he did not consider the ratio before deciding to come to Quinnipiac. Although Nye attended an all boys military school, the ratio does not concern him because he isn’t interested in meeting anyone.

Some students hate it, and others here love the fact that student gender is so unbalanced, others have no opinion.

Whatever a person’s feelings toward the ratio are, or whether they considered it or not, the ratio is prevalent and it does effect the students in the Quinnipiac community.

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