Current craze (Oct. 24)

Jessica Simms

Ed Sheeran opens up about his dark past

Ed Sheeran recently discussed the fact that substance abuse played a factor in his music career. When fame first became his reality, Sheeran stated that he started to drink the “harder stuff.” At first, he could not take all of the responsibilities and the reality of being a famous singer. However, he realized that to write good songs, he needed to be sober and his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, has helped him along the way.

Child Actors Part Ways from their Agent 

“Stranger Things” actor Finn Wolfhard and “Descendants” star Cameron Boyce have both decided to cut ties from their APA (Agency for the Performing Arts) agent, Tyler Grasham, after hearing that he was accused of sexual assault. Grasham was fired from APA on Oct. 20, but Wolfhard decided to cut ties from the agency itself as well. The accusation against Grasham began when Blaise Godbe Lipman, a filmmaker, wrote on Facebook that Grasham gave him alcohol during his teenage years and sexually assaulted him. Following this post, two more men spoke out about their experiences of being sexually assaulted by Grasham.

Justin Bieber Gets New Giant Tattoo

Justin Bieber posted on Instagram to his fans a picture of a huge torso tattoo that took three days to make. Bang Bang, the tattoo artist that gave Bieber the tattoo in Beverly Hills, said that the tattoo has a meaning behind it. The tattoo has two angels on each side and below them, they are defeating demons. This made it the symbol of Gothic art and the Yin and Yang. The tattoo itself symbolizes his spirituality as there are  animals that represent his spirit animals and the angels that he views as his guardians. Bang Bang, in the end, tried to make it meaningful to Bieber, but also not scattered.

New Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff Show Coming Soon

During their Upfronts Presentation in May of 2017, ABC announced that “Grey’s Anatomy” is getting a new spinoff show that will be taking place in Seattle, but centered at a firehouse, following those who risk their lives to save others. The show does not have a name yet, but the public does know that the character Dr. Ben Warren from “Grey’s Anatomy” has hinted at leaving the hospital and will, in fact, join the new spinoff. Other actors have been announced to join the show, but an airdate has not been discussed yet.