Two is better than one

Kristen Altmeyer

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Apple” align=”alignright” width=”213″][/media-credit]Apple continues to outdo itself with each and every release of its products. This time in particular, it released two groundbreaking technological advances. Instead of one iPhone, Apple dropped two, along with the Series 3 of the Apple Watch. These new releases have set the bar to a higher level.

And if you’re sick of your charger not reaching your couch or bed, Apple now has come out with wireless charging for both new iPhone releases. If you are looking for more information on these releases, go to and see in more depth all of the amazing features.

Let’s start with The iPhone 8. It looks similar to the iPhone 7, but the various new features prove its performance is far different. The phone’s structure is built of durable glass. One may think it might smash but not with the glass Apple has specifically created for this product. Forget the expensive cases you have to buy in case of dropping it in the toilet; this phone is water AND dust resistant.

It is highly unlikely, however, that a phone will get dusty and cobwebbed with how much people are on them. The color choices for this specific iPhone aren’t too different from the other phones. Space gray, silver, and gold are the options.

The iPhone X is unlike any other phone Apple has released. This phone is all screen. Using fingerprints to unlock phones felt very secret agent-esque. Now, with just a glance you are able to unlock your phone. There is no home button.

With ‘Face ID,’ your face is the password. Thirty thousand invisible dots create a depth map of the owner’s face in order to do this. With adaptive machinery, Face ID detects facial changes over time; so you can grow your beard, or shave it with no problem.  Along with the iPhone 8, the X also has wireless charging. “AirPower” allows users to rest their device on the pad, anywhere, wirelessly. Apple has created the battery to last up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7.

With a greater battery, it leaves more time for fun on the device. Emojis are brought to a whole new level on this phone. ‘Animoji’ utilizes your face muscles to make the animal emojis move to what your face does.

With each release, Apple has improved its cameras. The iPhone 7 plus introduced the world to portrait mode for the rear camera and the iPhone X’s cameras have furthered this quality. Both the front and rear cameras have portrait mode, but with far more options. For a greater quality picture, lighting options are given for the best photograph possible.

Along with iPhones, Apple released the Apple Watch Series 3. This watch is created for people on the go that want to leave their phone behind. This watch has the capability to send calls and texts from the watch. It acts just like an iPhone by giving the user the option of music, Siri,  and a GPS. FitBits are going to have a run for their money with the workout capabilities of the Series 3. By sending notifications and reminders to the user to get active and by tracking the users progress, this device is perfect for those needing that encouragement.

These new products sure are not cheap. The iPhone 8 costs $700 and the iPhone X ranges from $999-$1,459. Apple Watch Series 3 costs $500. With all of the updates and new advances, it’s no wonder they are expensive. The best stuff does not come at a low cost. One can only imagine what Apple will release next time and the cost to purchase it.