Current Craze

Cullen Ronan


Doll fans across the nation are rejoicing as famed manufacturer American Girl has announced that the company’s newest 18-inch doll will be a boy. This is the first time in their 31-year history that they have introduced a male doll into the lineup, according to The New York Times. Boys and girls alike are welcoming “Logan Everett” into the American Girl family. These dolls are noted for their extensive backstories, with Logan being a Nashville native, avid drummer and rock band member. A spokesperson for Mattel, the company that owns American Girl, has said the market is lacking when it comes to boy dolls, leaving “Logan” as one of the only options for parents who want a doll of this nature. The company says requests for boy dolls have been atop the wish lists of consumers for a while, so hopefully the release of Logan will help break the stigma that boys can’t play with dolls.



Twenty-year-old John Goehrke’s dreams came true this Wednesday. On Superbowl Sunday, Canadian superstar tennis player Eugenie Bouchard tweeted at halftime that she believed the Atlanta Falcons would triumph, as they clung to a 21-point lead. Goehrke, an avid Patriots fan, saw this as an opportunity he could not pass up, tweeting her a bet in response. If New England took home the Lombardi trophy, Bouchard would accompany Goehrke on a date. Bouchard accepted this stipulation, and to the surprise of not only both involved but to the nation, the Patriots walked away victorious. Bouchard stuck to her end of the bargain and was kind enough to pay for Goehrke’s flight and hotel so he could join her at this Wednesday’s Brooklyn Nets game, according to BBC. Sparks must have flown because the 22-year-old tennis star has since agreed to go on a second date with the University of Missouri student.



Jarrius “JJ” Robertson, a young teen who suffers from a chronic liver disease, hasn’t had much to cheer about lately, but that changed on Friday. The New Orleans native made his way onto the hardwood when he was invited to partake in the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. Robertson hit the court with the likes of Ansel Elgort, Nick Cannon and Mark Cuban, sinking a jump shot immediately after checking into the game, according to USA Today. While he may be little, Robertson certainly has a big personality, and NBA stars took notice as he was given the opportunity to meet and interview all-stars Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green among others. Robertson is currently awaiting another liver transplant, and his GoFundMe page has raised $14,761, far surpassing the initial goal of $10,000 in order to help his family pay for medical expenses.