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Slammed with snow


Both Sleeping Giant State Park and Quinnipiac University were covered in snow after the approximately 12 inches of snow coated the ground on Feb. 8.

That morning, classes were cancelled around 5:30 in the morning. Some students thought that classes should have been cancelled the night before.

The university said it doesn’t typically announce it’s closing the night before a snowstorm is predicted. In most cases, a decision about a cancellation or a delay is made at 5:30 a.m. on the day of the storm and communicated to the university community.

Once the snow stopped,the Facilities Department start plowing parking lots and sidewalks.

Keith Woodward, associate vice president for facilities operations, said the preparation for the winter months begins in advance.

“A tremendous amount of strategic planning goes into preparation for a snowstorm,” Woodward said. “Some of it starts in August and September when we are planning to purchase products.”

Woodward also said the preparation for snowstorms is almost as important as the removal and after effects of the storm.

“During the winter months, we have a nearly daily ‘snow call,’ where we evaluate current and future conditions and plan ahead to be prepared for when the first flake falls,’ Woodward said. “All storms are a little different, in terms of the various types of snow.”

Recently, Connecticut dealt with multiple storms back-to-back. Woodward said Quinnipiac is fortunate to have a group of employees who care about the university.

“Their spirit exemplifies our long-standing commitment to our students and all of the other members of the university community,” Woodward said. “Our number one priority is to work safely and get the university back to normal operations as quickly as possible.”

Storm preparation and removal was not the only problem Quinnipiac had to tackle this past week in regards to the weather.

The university closed Pine Grove because of potential falling branches that were deemed unsafe, according to an email sent by QU News.

“With projected wind gusts of around 50 m.p.h. today, the Facilities Department is closing the Pine Grove, the walkway that extends between the Carl Hansen Student Center and Tator Hall and the College of Arts and Sciences on the Mount Carmel Campus. Members of the university community are asked to use the sidewalk and the driveway in the South Lot when walking in that area today,” the email said.

Freshman biomedical sciences major Sofia Possidento is a commuter at Quinnipiac and wishes that the university took commuters into account when closing the university and issuing parking bans.

“I commute so it’s kind of stressful if they don’t cancel class,” Possidento said. “I have to drive here from 20 minutes away, so it stresses me out when there’s snow but I do like getting a day off.”

It would be helpful if the university informed students and professors the night before that the university would be closing, according to Possidento. This would allow for planning for upcoming inclement weather.

Freshman biomedical sciences major Brooke Meka loves the snow and the opportunity to get a day off every once in awhile. However, Meka also believes that the university should issue the cancellation earlier than 5:30 a.m.

“I wish it was earlier because a lot of schools were cancelling, but I think Quinnipiac likes to see if a lot of schools were cancelling rather than wasting a day,” Meka said.

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