Just because it’s not “hard news,” doesn’t mean it’s “not news”

Lindsay Pytel

So maybe you don’t care about Kim Kardashian and how her dress was see-through or not see-through, or maybe you don’t care how her dress looked at all. Just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean it isn’t news.

I think in today’s society we get so fixated and self-involved that if something doesn’t interest or impact us directly, we disregard it as not newsworthy. That shouldn’t be the case.

If your favorite team wasn’t playing last night, but another team was, would you consider the other team’s win not newsworthy? No, because it is still relevant to an audience. Some people do care, even if you necessarily don’t.

Just because a story doesn’t focus on the presidential election, or something people consider of “importance,” doesn’t mean it is not news. Who’s to say what is “important” and what isn’t? Who defines “importance?” I’m not saying the presidential election isn’t important, of course it is a national concern and that’s why most stories focus having been focusing on this topic. However, just because someone wants to look at a different type of news story does not mean it’s not news.

The Presidential Debate and the first Miami Marlins game since Jose Fernandez’s death occurred on the same night. For some they centered their whole Monday night on the Presidential Debate, but does that mean Dee Gordon breaking down crying after he hit a home run is less of a story just because the Presidential Debate is on? No.

I believe everything is news. It may not be relevant or important, it may not be a national concern, but as long as it’s connecting to a certain audience and contains an explanation or argument, it’s news.

Personally, I am not a fan of Tom Brady. I don’t want to see him in the news or read stories or tweets about him, but just because I am not a fan does not mean a story about him isn’t news. People Magazine recently published a story about his ideal date night for him and his wife. Just because I am not a fan and have no interest in the story, does not mean a fan of his wouldn’t.

Anywhere you get “new” information is news. It’s in the word.

In one of my classes someone mentioned that a story about Kim Kardashian is not considered news, it’s considered “entertainment.”

Yes, it’s considered entertainment… news.

Whether one is a fan or not, she is a celebrity and a prominent figure, and for some people, what she wore is of importance. If I learn where she wore the dress, what it looked like, the designer, what people think about it, that is news. I learned something. It might be useless, I may not care, but I can’t walk away saying I didn’t acquire anything.