Don’t judge a student by their major

Caitlin Cryan

It’s no secret that some majors are more well-respected than others. This holds true, if not even more so at Quinnipiac. Especially with such a high number of health science students, I feel like other majors are viewed as lesser. I am a proud student in the School of Communications. I chose my major because it is what I feel passionately about. I have always loved to be creative, and I knew I wanted a career that would reflect that aspect of my life. I did not chose it simply because I couldn’t handle a more “difficult” major, thought communications would be the easiest, or just because I couldn’t find anything better. I chose it because I love it, and I knew that it would take hard work, but in the end, I will be happy and successful. I have been told by my health science friends that I have an easy major. Of course I understand that health science students take extremely hard classes that I don’t have to take as a communications major however I take classes that are difficult in a different way that many students may find challenging. I may not be able to name every muscle in the human body, but I do know how to flex my creative muscle.

This desire for a career in which I can be creative motivates me to work hard to be successful. Your major does not dictate success it is how hard you are willing to work to get where you want to go. A lot more extra work goes into being successful in the communications field than just school work. You must have a portfolio of work samples, experience and involvement in student media organizations. Like most stereotypes, the bad reputation that communications majors have gotten over the years does not hold true. So the next time you meet a communications major, don’t just brush them off. We feel your pain. We are struggling college students, too, but we are struggling probably while lugging newspapers and camera equipment across the Quad.