Wreck: Throwing in the towel

Christina Popik

One of the first changes I noticed coming back this fall is something minor, yet bugs the hell out of me: the addition of hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers in the Carl Hansen Student Center.

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I don’t know if it is just me, but I have this weird thing against hand dryers. The idea of cold air hitting my wet hands makes me really uncomfortable. Not to mention it is dirty, dusty air hitting my freshly washed hands. Hand dryers take longer to dry your hands, yet never really completely dry them.

As someone who wants to spend the least amount of time possible in a public bathroom, I am pro-paper towel because it is quick and more effective. With hand dryers, you often have to wait in line just to use it because it takes longer.

One thing I hated about the freshman residence hall bathrooms last year was the fact that there were no paper towels. Most times, I either grabbed toilet paper to wipe my hands or wipe them on my shirt, which is inconvenient and not ideal.I used to be able to use paper towels when I was in the student center but that’s no longer an option.

If the school is trying to create a more germ-free environment, a no-touch paper towel dispenser is the way to go. If cost is an issue, well, it shouldn’t be. For all that I am paying for tuition, I think management can splurge just a little and spend the money on paper towels.-C. Popik