Rave: A warm welcome

Garrett Amill

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Like everyone else, I was nervous about going to college. My life would be changing in a huge way. Luckily, Welcome Weekend helped introduce me to all of the aspects of life at Quinnipiac. I was able to adapt to life here thanks to all the events and help from staff.

Move-in Crew was super helpful with getting all my junk into my room. After that, all the mandatory, school-related events were actually okay. Initial meetings by majors on Friday were a good way to see who else shared my major. I found people to talk to who had similar interests and experiences as I.

The presentation on York Hill was a worthy experience, too. Seeing the entire class there really boosted my sense of community and made me realize just how big the freshman class is. The speeches and presentations were way better than normal introductory ones. Dr. Thomas Pruzinsky’s speech was especially thought provoking and intriguing and is something that resonated with me after the weekend was over. Even the skits used to teach about safety were as good as they could be. Skits on safety are never a fun time, but these ones kept the quality high, were engaging and effectively illustrated safety techniques.

On a lighter note, the optional activities were great as well. The comedian was reasonably funny and the hypnotist was amazing.

The events of Welcome Weekend made for a fun introduction to Quinnipiac. They helped us connect as a class and made Quinnipiac less intimidating. -G.Amill