It’s so hard to say goodbye

Tara O'Neill

I wasn’t involved in The Chronicle for too long. I was an English major during my freshman year and I had no idea what my future plans were. I thought I was going to (maybe) become a teacher someday and I would have free time to do some writing at night. Then I realized my love for writing was too strong to let it take a backseat to a career.

Before sophomore year started, I had realized I wanted to be a journalist. But I didn’t discover The Chronicle until my junior year while sitting in the cafeteria on main campus between classes and happened upon an issue. I was hooked.

I didn’t know much about The Chronicle, I just knew I wanted to write for it. And soon, I mustered up some confidence, showed up to a meeting in early September of my junior year and started writing for the news section immediately. Before I knew it, I had applied and moved up to an e-board position.

For the short four semesters I was with The Chronicle, I have learned and overcome so much. In those four semesters and met people I couldn’t imagine my college career without. I became someone who found a “home away from home” within The Chronicle staff. I can’t thank them all enough for dealing with my sass, my anger and everything in between. I love and appreciate you all more than I could ever find the words to express.

Goodbye is hard, so I’m just not accepting that’s what this is.