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Do something that you love


Somewhere along the way I blinked, and when I woke up I was writing this piece.

The vivid depictions of certain events at Quinnipiac will never leave my head. Whether it was the day I moved into my freshman dorm room or the countless experiences with my friends that ensued, I can only definitively say one thing: It went by too damn quickly.

At some point during those early days at Quinnipiac I attended my first Chronicle meeting. Wanting to get involved right away, I volunteered to take stories in the sports section each and every week.

That’s when I started having fun.

I spent a summer on Cape Cod covering amatuer baseball, penned stories for the New England Sports Network, contributed to the daily production of the Albany Times Union and, this past fall, worked at Mass Live in Springfield.

I’ve covered the embattled life of a young man who found solace in basketball. I was in Cooperstown when Pedro Martinez was enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I provided an in-depth peek into the men’s basketball program, which I followed and admired for my four years at Quinnipiac.

The Chronicle was the beginning of my incredible experience in journalism. The only reason I was able to land any of these gigs was because I was involved with such a great student organization like The Chronicle.

With the Chronicle, I was able to join the e-board at the end of my freshman year. I served as sports editor during my junior year at Quinnipiac, then created a new e-board position (web director) during my senior year – which will be remaining with The Chronicle moving forward.

I want this piece to serve as a short thank you to everyone at The Chronicle who helped me along the way. Without your encouragement and support, I don’t know what would have happened.

I also want to offer one bit of advice to anyone who might stumble upon this piece: do what you love to do. You’re the person who, when you graduate, has to get out of bed each morning and go to work. Do something that makes you happy.

I’ve figured this out due to everyone at The Chronicle over the last four years who offered a helping hand.

And if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have spent my time any other way.

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