Take advantage of your time

Hannah Schindler

As a design major, I had no idea what student organization would give me real design experience. Walking up and down aisles of the Involvement Fair, I spotted The Chronicle and remembered someone telling me that newspapers could always use designers. I had no idea that walking up to that table would be one of the best decisions I made during my four years.

Not only did the paper give me real design experience, it gave me leadership experience, writing experience (which I didn’t even know I wanted), time management skills and a million other things I probably still haven’t even realized yet.

Most of all, The Chronicle has given me a group of friends who, although different, all work tirelessly to create such an amazing work of art every week. You can literally feel the passion every single member of the e-board has during deadline in the media suite. The stress, disagreements and fights we have all go to show how dedicated we are at make the best product we can every week.

When I was a freshman and the seniors were literally one foot out the door, I never really understood how you could be so excited to leave such an awesome organization. Although I still don’t fully understand how they could be so ready to leave, I am slowly starting to understand that life goes on and there are so many more opportunities past college (not sure what they are but that is what I am told). Appreciate every opportunity because each one allows you to explore a little more about yourself that you didn’t even know about.

To the new e-board: enjoy every minute, every stressful deadline, every long meeting. Before you know it, you will be writing your senior sendoff and trying to put into words the impact The Chronicle has had on your college career (it’s much harder than you would think). And last but not least, thank you all–from the seniors to the past and present Chronicle members–for making my time as art director the most amazing experience ever. Thank you for the love, the support, the encouragement and for giving me something so hard to say goodbye to.