Don’t delete your opportunities

David Friedlander

Just about every week, we get emails from our advisors, professors and department heads informing us of various opportunities. The vast majority of us, it seems, quickly click the delete button. Why would we take any second of our precious time to read an email from a professor when we could be doing literally anything else? I’ll tell you why.

About four weeks ago, I met the director of the FBI, James Comey, and his wife, Patrice…very nice people. Two weeks ago, I was honored by State Representative William Tong of the 147th District on CT-N, the Connecticut Network, which is known for being on mute in just about every public building in Connecticut. If people had more of an interest in state government, which they should, it might have a little volume. Regardless, immediately following this mention of myself and many others, I had the opportunity to schmooze with Judiciary Committee state legislators and their staffers at Hot Tomato’s in Hartford. And this is just the beginning.

I am an intern with the Connecticut General Assembly at the Capitol in Hartford. Every Monday and Wednesday I work with the lawmakers of Connecticut and walk the beautiful halls of the Legislative Office Building.

None of this would have happened if I just deleted every email from my advisors and professors. I would like to thank Professor Scott McLean of the political science department for this one. Not only would I not have known about this internship without the notification of Professor McLean, but I would not have earned it without his advice.

But this is more than just one internship, two days a week. This is networking. This is experience. This is a path to a job following graduation…all because of one email.

I also have a friend who will have an internship at Ernst and Young this upcoming summer due to the help of QU Career Development, professors’ notifications, as well as his own connections. This internship could even lead to a job following graduation. I am not the only one. 

You are not in college for long. Take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way. Watching Netflix in your room all day wearing your Champion crewneck sweatshirt covered in Cheetos dust will get you nowhere. Get involved on and off campus. Meet people that will make a difference in your life. Our professors and advisors go way out of their way to make sure that their students have access we need to opportunities that we deserve and keep us in the loop. Don’t brush it off like Cheeto dust.