All sports teams deserve equal recognition

Erin Kane

Let me start off by saying no, I don’t play a sport here at Quinnipiac, but I do love going out and watching sports. I attend a lot of sporting events because I take pictures for The Chronicle, and I get so distracted watching that I forget to take pictures. I love our men’s ice hockey team and I will always support them, but the rest of our teams need support too.

What about our women’s ice hockey team? I was at a lot of their games during the playoffs and there were not very many students there to watch and cheer for them. This is something that needs to be changed.

The women’s rugby team also does not get as much support as they should. On April 2 they had a tournament on campus and that should have been recognized. They also went to nationals this year and became national champions and I would have loved to go and watch them play if Quinnipiac provided transportation for me.

The men’s baseball team, women’s softball team and both men’s and women’s basketball teams also do not get enough support. We have golf and tennis and cross country teams and so many other different sports at this school that need recognition as well.

All of these athletes put so much time and hard work into the sport that they love, yet not many people go and see this dedication that they have toward Quinnipiac.

We also have intramural teams here and I get why not a lot of people will go and watch them play, but why not support your friends? Many students who choose not to play Division 1 athletics choose to play intramurals because it is fun and it can still be competitive. We should be supporting a lot more things at this school.

I, and the rest of Quinnipiac, recently received an email from President John Lahey congratulating the men’s ice hockey team on how far they have reached this year, but why did I not receive a similar email for when the women’s rugby team won nationals or when the women’s ice hockey team made it to the playoffs? The women’s rugby team took note of this on a post on its Facebook page.

“Women’s basketball, Women’s Ice Hockey nor Rugby who all made national accolades over the last TWO years never received one of these public congratulations. #‎fillthesilence,” the rugby Facebook page said.

Why do so many students and faculty praise only the men’s ice hockey team? Why did anatomy and physiology labs move an exam from the week of the Frozen Four to the following week? Why is it all about this one team when we are a school of 21 teams?

I am not saying that it is bad that we support the men’s ice hockey team. What I am saying is: It should not matter what the rankings are for the teams or how good they are. We need to represent our school and support all aspects of the school, whether it is an athletic team or a charity event. This is Quinnipiac. We are Quinnipiac.