Rave: Starbucks app lets you order ahead

Jess Sweeney

[media-credit name=”Screenshot courtesy of Starbucks app” align=”alignright” width=”281″]IMG_5999[/media-credit]

The consensus on this campus seems to be that Starbucks coffee is the way to go. Starbucks has recently made getting coffee in

the morning even easier. I just downloaded the Starbucks app in order to pay in the store using my phone, when I noticed that there was a tab to order.

Before you order, it tells you how far the closest Starbucks is from your current location and approximately how long it will take to make your drink. This way you know exactly when you should place your order so that it’s ready at a time that works for you. You also get to pay right from the app, so all you need to do is walk in the store, ask for your drink and it’s ready for you.

Here’s why this is awesome. A few days ago, my roommate wanted to go to Starbucks before class, and we left a little later than expected. I was then planning on having to show up to class late, being that stereotypical Quinnipiac student that walks in with a Starbucks cup. By using the app to order on our way, it was ready right after we walked in, and we were able to make it back to main campus, and even find a spot in North Lot, all before 11 a.m.

I am a big Dunkin Donuts fan, but Starbucks may end up getting more of my business if it’s always as quick an experience as it was last time. –J. Sweeney