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QU confidential: The Undercover Campus Tour

I pulled my Bay Shore High School track and field sweatshirt on over my head and threw the navy Quinnipiac University bag that I stole from my mom over my arm. I wasn’t on my way to class. I was on my way to playing the part of an eagerly interested high school student on a tour around campus.

I waited outside the admissions office for the first tour to pass. Within five minutes I was standing next to a mother/daughter pair named Diane and Danielle from New Jersey. They chatted about how pretty the bell tower was.

“Well, its Dani’s spring break this week with the Easter holiday and all, so we absolutely had to come up to see the campus. I’d go here just based on the beautiful landscaping!” Diane gushed.

In the cafe, our tour guide talked about the different sections, and then proceeded to tell the group that the cafeteria has tons of different healthy food choices to pick from on a daily basis.

I took the opportunity to raise my hand and ask a question at the Help Desk.

“We’d really use the computers for a lot of the classes here?”

Our tour guide nodded her head and said, “Definitely. Quinnipiac is very interactive with the computers and many teachers use them during their classes.”

As we approached the dorms, one of the dads asked, “Where do the juniors and seniors live?”

I’m not sure if the tour guide didn’t hear him correctly, but she pointed towards the Hill and Village area and said “Oh, all of that housing is up there, in Hill and Village.”

She quickly transtioned to talking about each dorm regarding rooms, meal plans and bathrooms.

As we passed the security offices and health services, one of the moms closer to the front said, “It’s like you have a hospital and a police office all on campus. How great is that?”

When i noticed the tour was coming to an end, I said goodbye to Danielle. “Whatever, it was nice to meet you, too,” she mumbled.

I wonder what she would think, if she decides to come to Quinnipiac, when she discovers that computers aren’t used in most classes and seniors don’t live on campus.

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