Ongoing shuttle battle between students, administration

Annie Patch

Fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes. Quinnipiac students say they are tired of waiting in the dark cold for the big, white shuttle.

The shuttle service was created four years ago at Quinnipiac as an advantage to students. The university started the shuttle service because the school is so far from places around Hamden and New Haven.

The shuttles can bring students to the shopping centers at Hamden and it goes to cultural establishments in New Haven.

“It’s a service to the students,” said Ronald Colavolpe, assistant chief for parking and transportation.

Even with the shuttle being nothing but a helpful resource to the Quinnipiac community, students are still finding multiple things about the shuttle to complain about.

The Hamden/New Haven shuttle has caused a lot of aggravation with students here on campus.

“They drop me off and leave me there for hours. It has happened three out of the five times I have taken the shuttle,” said Jessica Dunlap, freshman health science major.

“The system is atrocious,” said Jim Ford, sophomore print journalism major.

With all the complaints, there is no other choice but to hear the other side. Colavolpe discussed everything the authorities are doing to help improve the shuttle service.

“I don’t think you can satisfy all students. If the shuttles are a couple of minutes late I welcome that because I don’t want the shuttles to leave any student behind. If students complain to me, I will get an answer,” Colavolpe said.

After hearing remarks made about the drivers tardiness, Colavolpe was not very surprised. “I’ll be the first to admit they run late for numerous reasons. There is traffic, accidents and some drivers lack trying to keep on schedule. I’ve done my best to try to fix this,” Colavolpe said.

Students tend to complain about the amount of time they have to wait.

“My friend and I went to Stop and Shop once and we waited there for three hours for the shuttle to bring us back to campus,” said Dana Fuechsel, freshman undecided major.

Even though there are many complaints about the shuttle service, there are many upsides to having it.

“It’s a free ride, the Hamden one is very convenient and the New Haven one saves me $30. It also prevents students from drinking and driving on the weekends,” said Molly Poirier, sophomore interactive digital design major.

“It’s a good way to get around,” said Ben Whalen, sophomore criminal justice major.

Students were not shy to speak their minds on how the shuttle could be improved.

“I think there should be more shuttles, drivers who can tell time and actually drive in a straight line, and the drivers are too mean and grumpy,” said Kelly O’Connell, freshman communications major.

Poirier had a few suggestions as well.

“The New Haven one could plan better timing with the trains coming in and out of the stations and maybe not take the longest route possible to New Haven,” Poirier said.

Colavolpe also had some suggestions for students to make their shuttle experience better.

“I would like the students to be at the scheduled stops a little early. If they are at the stops five minutes early it will make things easier for the driver,” Colavolpe said.

Colavolpe offers new and convenient information every Quinnipiac student should know.

“Students, if you miss the shuttle please do not call your parents, please call me at (203) 230-6200 and I will walkie talkie the drivers to either turn around, or if close enough, to stop so you can get on that shuttle,” Colavolpe said.

A future change the university may make with the shuttle is cutting down on the amount of shuttles that go to New Haven Monday through Thursday from noon to 8 p.m.

Even though there may be some glitches in the system, students must remember that nothing is perfect.

“Everything convenient is bound to have problems sooner or later,” Fueschal said.