Rave: Zayn Malik’s new single gets steamy

Afsha Kasam

Zayn Malik is making it clear that he is leaving his One Direction past behind him. Malik released his first single since leaving the boy band on Jan. 29, according to Forbes.

[media-credit name=”PHOTO COURTESY OF YOUTUBE” align=”alignright” width=”300″]pillowtalk[/media-credit]

The song, “Pillowtalk,” describes the intensity of love and sex. Both are being portrayed as a paradise and a warzone.

The music video itself is crafted in an artistically appealing manner. According to Forbes. com, the video matches the R&B vibe of the song well, as the graphics are full of passion and adult content. Toward the beginning of the song, hands are shown gliding up a female’s back while in a tight embrace. Another frame showcases Malik shedding black tears after his guitar is smashed. The scene is shortly followed by model Gigi Hadid kissing Malik.

Rebecca Raab, a junior, said that it was surprising to see Malik having such a different type of sound. “The video was different with cool graphics,” Raab said. “I liked it and would listen again.”

Freshman Caroline Sullivan believes that although the visuals are good, some of them, such as the flower sprouting from the naked female, were overly sexual. “The song is really good, it’s just obvious that he’s trying to break away from the whole One Direction thing.”

Even though Malik is moving in a different direction than his former bandmates, Sullivan thinks this branching away is necessary.

“It will be interesting to see where he goes after this,” Sullivan said. “If he can make a name for himself or stay as Zayn from One Direction.” –A. Kasam