Rave: Real smoothies arrive on campus

Caroline Millin

Trying to be healthier this year? Getting tired of your usual breakfast options? QU has got your back with a new addition to the main cafe breakfast spread. The sandwich line has been converted to a smoothie station for the morning crowd, offering real fresh ingredients to get your day started. For those of you who were as disappointed as I was with the sugary smoothies at the Ratt, this is an awesome addition.

The surprisingly peppy morning workers at this station will happily blend any combination you desire. It’s a delicious way to get in your fruits and vegetables, with options such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, kale, spinach and more. If you’ve never had kale or spinach in your smoothie, it’s an excellent way to consume them because the fruit overpowers the taste of the greens. They also have the option to blend in yogurt, a variety of milk or orange juice. Yogurt is a good option to add some substance and protein to really get your morning going.

It’s nice to see QU providing its students with a truly healthy and tasty option in the mornings. Honestly, the only complaint I have is that I wish the station would run all day. I’m sure we’ll find more to complain about, but for now let’s just enjoy the fruity bliss of fresh ingredients in this new addition to the Chartwell’s menu. I love the sound of blenders in the morning. –C. Millin