Wreck: Facilities neglects shoveling sidewalks

Madison Fraitag

As students prepared to make the trek back to campus after a long, essentially snowless break, winter storm Jonas followed close behind, leaving a slippery slope for students to travel on.

The facilities workers on the Mount Carmel campus worked long hours through snow and wind this past Saturday, but much of their efforts were focused on the roads, even though people were not driving during the storm. Additionally, all shuttle services were canceled, further enforcing the minimal use of vehicles during the inclement weather.

With little to no automobile travel, those students who chose to return to campus early were left to rely on previously purchased snacks in their dorms and the limited food options in the cafe. However, with continuous plowing of South lot during Saturday’s storm, the walkways between residence halls and the student center remained essentially neglected.

Aside from the general walkways, the Commons bridge was an issue unto itself. Although it’s notorious for being dangerous to walk on, it was even worse this weekend. To those fully equipped with skis or sleds, this is great. However, to those students less prepared for a safe ride down the bridge, there is a serious risk of injury at hand.

When establishing the priorities of snow removal on campus, does that of unused roadways truly take precedence over hundreds of students’ front doorsteps? Overall, the safety of each and every student should always be the priority and it is unsettling to see it be forced to take the backseat in times such as these. –M. Fraitag