Letter from the editor: Welcoming a dialogue

Julia Perkins

After The Chronicle published an opinion piece a few weeks ago titled “Stop demanding safe spaces,” the campus community erupted into a dialogue on diversity, free speech and whether safe spaces should exist.

The Chronicle welcomes these conversations because they are essential if the Quinnipiac community and our society as a whole wants to grow and learn. In fact, the opinion section of the paper exists so that people can have these types of important discussions.

Often this part of the paper is one-sided because the pieces are based on the opinions of one writer. While it is always great when we have room in the section to include an opposing viewpoint, it is impossible to include every single idea on an issue, such as safe spaces. This is not something that can be split into pros and cons. Each person on this campus may have a different perspective on safe spaces. The piece in the Nov. 18 issue was just one of them.

This is why The Chronicle does not regret publishing this opinion, nor will we apologize for it. It is valid for students, faculty or staff to feel how they want to feel about the piece. But without sharing this viewpoint, no one can be educated on any side of this debate.

Of course, The Chronicle would love to hear your thoughts on safe spaces and other issues we write about. Anyone is always welcome to write a letter to the editor to be considered for publication. You may send these letters to [email protected] or [email protected]