Wreck: Clip off those man buns

Madison Fraitag

Clip-on man buns? What will come next? Man buns slowly rose to the status of “socially acceptable,” but clip-on man buns are just ridiculous. Available through Groupon, these faux hair pieces have been adopted by amateur hipsters everywhere. Although false hair can often boost a balding man’s confidence, a clip-on orb of false hair is just bizarre.

Will these artificial man buns serve merely as a way of establishing an image while a man’s natural bun blossoms or will these imposter buns become a way of diversifying a man’s “look?”

The undeniable result of these buns is clearly that for the low price of $9.99, you can become the laughing stock of your friends. What a bargain.

Senior health science major Lenny Introna says he doesn’t mind man buns and that they even look good on some people. But in regards to fake man buns, Introna does in fact seem to mind.

“I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” he said. Introna boldly stated he would “never” wear one of these hair pieces. Introna said if he were to see one of his close friends wearing a clip-on man bun, he would very bluntly tell him to “take that sh*t off.”

While none have yet to be spotted on Quinnipiac grounds, they should be prevented at all cost. They are a filthy lie and, quite frankly, a young man’s toupee.

If anyone is witnessed donning one of these monstrosities on campus he should be de-bunned on sight and eternally ridiculed for the shame he has bestowed upon the Quinnipiac name. –M. Fraitag