Rave: SPB’s ‘Mockingjay’ tickets

Madison Fraitag

This month the Student Programming Board (SPB) has gone above and beyond to provide entertaining and affordable events for our campus community.

Last Wednesday, dozens of students attended the SPB sale of tickets to see an advanced screening of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.” For only $5, students will be provided with transportation to the theater and admission to the film. This highly anticipated viewing will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at the Cinemark theater in North Haven.

This event has been years in the making, beginning when current SPB President, senior Erica Cianciosi, organized a similar trip to see the previous “Hunger Games” films during her sophomore year as film chairperson.

“It’s a great series that people love and it is exciting to be able to give students the unique experience of an early screening,” Cianciosi said.

Cianciosi expressed her amazement at the hard work and dedication of those who planned this event.

Adriana Quintero, junior physical therapy major, is a frequent participant in SPB events.

“They’re always a lot of fun and they’re a way to do something on campus that’s not necessarily going out to New Haven,” she said.

While Cianciosi acknowledges that SPB events are not for everyone, she continues to work to satisfy those who appreciate and enjoy these carefully thought out plans.

“If we can make just one person have an amazing night, that is what matters,” she said.

Well done, SPB, well done indeed.  ̶  M. Fraitag