Major bullying is a major problem

Kellie Mason

I’ve gotten myself into a mid-semester slump which leads to going on social media more than actually studying. I always end up scrolling through Yik Yak when Instagram no longer becomes interesting. The feed features everything from complaining about a muscles exam to wanting to talk to that one brunette girl in the cafeteria, but the person can’t seem to rile up the courage.

My personal favorite posts are Java John “tap it” quotes. They get me every time. Although, the list of my least favorites is long. So long that its length would replicate “War and Peace,” the original version.

But there is one type of post that I am sick of reading. I’m tired of students posting that certain majors are easier than others. According to Yik Yak, some students believe that communications is the easiest major here.

“Communications majors take classes such as finger painting 101 and counting to ten 220 yet I’m over here taking applied statistical methods and anatomy,” one anonymous post read.

Now, if you think communications is so easy you would have recognized that you didn’t write in AP Style (no need to explain because, like you said, communications is easy).

Do you know for a fact communications students take finger painting and counting to 10? If so, who are you attributing your quote to? Can you get them to talk on the record? But you don’t know for sure, so students apparently take these classes. I don’t know if I trust your source.

Also, I don’t really understand how these two courses could be offered in the School of Communications because finger painting is considered art, which would be in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Math classes are also in CAS, so I would consider these to be UC electives for a comm major. Unfortunately, the university doesn’t offer them, and I’m sad.

I’m a journalism student with a business minor. I also had a brief stint as a diagnostic imaging major before I decided to switch. I’ve taken classes in political science, sociology and English. Before anyone jumps to conclusions and thinks I switched majors because DI is hard is wrong, I switched schools because I was more passionate about my writing than biology.

Anyone can realize I have at least put a toe in the pool of each school. For the most part, I’ve had success in all my classes, but that’s neither here nor there.

Each major — each class — is difficult and rewarding in its own way. People today are so willing to bring others down to better themselves than support others for pursuing something they themselves couldn’t do.

I haven’t come across an investment banker who could rehabilitate someone after a car accident. I also haven’t come across a nurse who could create a news package in a few hours, conduct interviews and speak on live television, all under pressure.

There really is no reason to think one major is easier than another. We were put on this earth to do a job. Some jobs may look easier on paper but in reality, they aren’t.

Nursing majors have to complete seven clinical rotations during their four years at Quinnipiac. The university provides them with the locations.

Communications is commonly known among students as a “working major.” The students are required to complete an internship to graduate, preferably on-sight. We have to search, apply and interview for these on our own. They aren’t handed to us, even if we have connections, and most of the time, we don’t get the one we want.

If you really think communications is so easy, I would like to see you produce a breaking news story within minutes. If you think entrepreneurship is so easy, I want you to create a multi-million dollar company in only a few years. If you think marketing and branding a company is easy, I challenge you to create an ad campaign.